We will catch you if you fall

Justin Bieber is an innocent young teenager, but what happens when the hate gets to his heart and breaks it, when the media changes him, ruins him. When the rumours start spreading and everyone believes them. His beliebers stay with him through all of it, but will they see through the mask he wears everyday, will the save him before it's too late?


20. soon

When your life is falling apart and all you have is a broken heart the thought of death is very tempting, but sometimes there's this small part of your heart that glows with warmth and it stops you from making these stupid mistakes. That's what we call hope. Hope that one day everything will be better. Hope that you will be loved and cared for.

Sometimes the small glow of warmth disappears and is replaced with a cold frozen sensation that makes you ache, that makes you want to die. That was the feeling that Justin was experiencing now, an indescribable pain in his heart. All hope of anything getting better had vanished and he had nothing left. Depression had taken over his life, and there was nothing he could do about it.

All he could do now was sit in pain till it goes away and he could tell that wasn't going to happen any time soon.


This made me sad. This kinda how I feel about myself. But I'm glad Justin seems to be doing sooo much better and hes gonna be releasing some new music soon im excited btw I deleted the last chapter bc it sucked thanks for reading byeeeee ily

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