We will catch you if you fall

Justin Bieber is an innocent young teenager, but what happens when the hate gets to his heart and breaks it, when the media changes him, ruins him. When the rumours start spreading and everyone believes them. His beliebers stay with him through all of it, but will they see through the mask he wears everyday, will the save him before it's too late?


6. Smile

He looked back down, leaving the country behind, with his family, and friends. He loved travelling and meeting his fans, but sometimes, he just starts to feel like he wasn't in the right place, that no one wanted him to be there, he was clearly struggling in life, he didn't know what to do or where to go, he didn't understand what was going on inside him, he was in an internal pain, no one noticed, he didn't want them too.

He felt hopeless, he changed himself, because everyone hated the old him, but now that he changed himself, everyone hated the knew him, he was stuck, he didn't understand why. It wasn't really clear, to him, what they wanted him to do. He always tried his best to please everyone, to make them happy, but every time he tried to, it made them hate him more. He always thought about things like this, about what he should do to make things better, he always ended with the same conclusion, that is, to kill himself, he just didn't know how. How to end his life, when he had so many people, that looked up to him, when he had everything he wanted, what would everyone say about him? He had no idea, what would happen if he did? He honestly didn't know what to do, he just needed a little love, someone that he would always be happy around, someone that could make him smile...





HIIII!!!! OMB, theres only 4 days till Justin's birthday, and its just so exciting and we got 1billion views on baby, and I'm just so happyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while!!! I always find something to apologise about, don't I? So I was thinking I should start a question of the day, so heres the first QOTD: What's your nameee?


Comment. Like. Favourite. and everything else u can do, I love u!!! BYEEEEE :)

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