We will catch you if you fall

Justin Bieber is an innocent young teenager, but what happens when the hate gets to his heart and breaks it, when the media changes him, ruins him. When the rumours start spreading and everyone believes them. His beliebers stay with him through all of it, but will they see through the mask he wears everyday, will the save him before it's too late?


18. I love him

Before i start this chapter I would like to apologise for not updating in ages.


She thought he hated her, that he didn't want to see her. She didn't want to lose him, though he wasn't even hers. She cried every night, because she wanted him to like her back but she was sure he didn't. She saw him with her, she was heartbroken. She didn't show it though, She didn't want to look week. It could have been a misunderstanding, and they weren't actually together just really close friends. She doubted that though. He would never be hers and she knew that so why would she even try? She didn't know.



Justin's POV


I love her.


Ariana's POV


I love him.





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