We will catch you if you fall

Justin Bieber is an innocent young teenager, but what happens when the hate gets to his heart and breaks it, when the media changes him, ruins him. When the rumours start spreading and everyone believes them. His beliebers stay with him through all of it, but will they see through the mask he wears everyday, will the save him before it's too late?


5. Broken

The fans, beliebers, probably didn't know that he read through all the comments, maybe not all of them but as many as he could, the dagger in his heart twisted and turned, every time he saw a comment of hate, making more damage each time. He always wondered if the fans noticed his pain, because they always made it go away, not really go away, but ,somehow, they made it easier to put up with. They were always there for him and he couldn't thank them enough. He had no idea why they were still there, after everything that's happened, he thought they would've just given up, like the others, it wasn't just him, everyone thought the fans would leave him. The ones that stayed kept saying, beliebers stay forever, but he knew they would leave, but his thoughts were always wrong.

Every time he saw a belieber defending him, it made him smile, it made him happier, but it wasn't enough, it hurt him so much more to see the hate, the fans leaving him, they didn't know how much it broke him, but even if they did, they wouldn't care they wanted to see him broken.



HIII guys, I'm sorry, this isn't a good chapter, although it probably is, but I don't think it is, anyway I'm trying to write longer chapters, and failing, because I'm starting to get more hate for being a belieber, we all are though, there a people that hate beliebers for no reason, like its really annoying, anyway I love u sisters. Byeeee!!!!!



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