We will catch you if you fall

Justin Bieber is an innocent young teenager, but what happens when the hate gets to his heart and breaks it, when the media changes him, ruins him. When the rumours start spreading and everyone believes them. His beliebers stay with him through all of it, but will they see through the mask he wears everyday, will the save him before it's too late?


11. Better that words

She was all he thought about, he stayed up at night thinking about her, there was nothing he could do without thinking about her, he saw her face everywhere. She always looked so perfect, he couldn't spot a single flaw in her. His eyes always sparkled when he heard her name, even her name was perfect. There was only one problem; he didn't even have the courage to talk to her, even if he did, he'd probably mess up, he'd say something wrong, and she wouldn't talk to him, ever. He didn't want that to happen, he wanted to make her fall in love with him, so he could catch her. He already fell, he was lying on the cold ground, but he was ready to get up, to catch her when she falls for him, if that even happens.

He held the pen in his hands, he figured that if he couldn't talk to her, he would write, not a letter, a song, a love song. To show how much he loved her, he'd been working on it for 1 hour, but guess what, he had still written nothing, he couldn't describe his love for her, it was too strong to be written in words, it was better than words.




Guess what? Guess what? I don't recall. Ok that's the chapter, I love u all so much.

qotd: favourite food?

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