Best Friends (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Mac Has Been Through A Lot, From Her Parents Dying To Being Sent To Foster Homes To Now Living With Her Close Family Friend Ed Sheeran. Ed Tried To Get Her Mind Off This When He Throws Her A Party And Invites The Boys Of One Direction. But Little Did Mac Know, That One "Hello" Would Change Her Life Forever!
Read "Best Friends (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)" To Find Out Where It Leads Her!


*Here We Go! Another FanFiction From Me, The One And Only 1D_Lover454! Hope You All Like It!

**********PLEASE READ!**********
There Will Be MUCH More Intimate Moments That Are DETAILED ( Not Extremely!) Be Aware! This Is A WARNING! Again! The Intimate Moments WILL BE DETAILED! NO HATE! THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

Also, There Will Be Very High Language In This Story!

This Will Be A LONG Story (MANY Chapters)! (:

- 1D_Lover454*


2. The Call

*Mac's P.O.V.*

Waking up to the feeling of warmth next to me, i spun my body to investigate.

"AHH!" i screamed and fell of the bed to find another body on my bed.

As the body moved, their face was more visible now. Harry.

"Why, why must you scream at," Harry began while looking at his phone for the time. "11 am?" 

"Oh i don't know, maybe because YOU'RE IN MY BED!" I shouted back.

The door flew opened as Ed came running in with a guitar.

"WHATS GOING ON?" He yelled.

"This is whats wrong!" I said, pointing at a comfortable Harry laying on my bed.

Ed lowered his guitar down and laughed. 

"Its not funny! Get him out!" I pleaded.

"Damn, someone's bitchy in the morning" Harry said, crawling out of the bed.

"Its not a pleasant thing to wake up and see a stranger in my fucking bed!" 

"I thought we were best friends?"

I remembered saying that to him. 

I didn't say anything after that. He walked out with his pillow and into the living room.

"Don't be a bitch first thing in the morning, Mac" Ed said

How was i being a bitch?

Harry was the one in my room!

Walking into the bathroom, i turned on the sink and washed my face. Soon after, i took a shower.

Quickly drying myself off, I went back in my room to get dressed.

Putting on my favorite pair of jean shorts and white tank top with a button up plaid shirt, I made my way to the livjng room.

Walking out, I noticed something missing.


Opening Eds door, I asked him where Harry went.

"He went home.  Oh, I gave him your number."


"Well i have an interview today so I thought you guys could hang out."

I was kinda rude to him this morning. 

It would be a good idea to apologize for the way I acted.

"Fine" I said before he gathered up his guitar and headed out the door, giving me a hug goodbye.

I decided that it was a great time to catch up on some reading.

Picking up the book "Divergent" I started to read where I left off.

I want a relationship like Tris's and Tobias' s! I murmured to myself.

Continuing to the next chapter, I heard my phone ring.

Looking on the caller ID, it was an unknown number.

Remembering that Ed gave Harry my number,  I expected if to be him.


"Hey Mac, its Perrie!"

Well my expectations were wrong

"Hey Perrie, whats up?

"Nothing too interesting. Actually me, El (Eleanor), and Sophia were going  to all have lunch together,  we thought of inviting you!  So.. would you like to come?"

I thought of what my day would consist of, watching movies and going on the computer, thinking further,  I heard Perrie clear her throat.

"I would love to!"

"Great! We'll pick you up in 30 minutes? " she questioned

"That's perfect see you soon"

"See you in a few!"

And with that we both hung up.

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