Best Friends (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Mac Has Been Through A Lot, From Her Parents Dying To Being Sent To Foster Homes To Now Living With Her Close Family Friend Ed Sheeran. Ed Tried To Get Her Mind Off This When He Throws Her A Party And Invites The Boys Of One Direction. But Little Did Mac Know, That One "Hello" Would Change Her Life Forever!
Read "Best Friends (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)" To Find Out Where It Leads Her!


*Here We Go! Another FanFiction From Me, The One And Only 1D_Lover454! Hope You All Like It!

**********PLEASE READ!**********
There Will Be MUCH More Intimate Moments That Are DETAILED ( Not Extremely!) Be Aware! This Is A WARNING! Again! The Intimate Moments WILL BE DETAILED! NO HATE! THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

Also, There Will Be Very High Language In This Story!

This Will Be A LONG Story (MANY Chapters)! (:

- 1D_Lover454*


1. Party Time!

*Mac's P.O.V.*

Removing the covers off my face, sun blasted me in the face.

"God damn. Ed!" I protested as i saw his beside the window, his hands on the blinds.

His face filled with guilt, he apologized. 

Still feeling drowsy, i threw the covers back over my head, blocking the light from hitting my face. 

I felt a body cradle over me. Moving the covers from my eyes, i spotted Ed hovering over me.

"Mac! Its time to get up!" he said as he was pouncing on the bed like a rabbit.

Letting out a loud sigh, i agreed and threw him off the bed as i got up.

Scratching my head as i waled into the bathroom still exosted, i heard a screech as i turned on the shower. 

Looking at myself in the mirror, i saw my mom's reflection. I had her eyes, green with specks of gold. And her dark brown hair, down to my lower back. 

My own reflection brought memories back.

Memories of going to the park with my mum and hearing her laughter behind me as i threw sand in the air, acting like it was confetti. 

And my dad, smiling as he would occasionally look from his newspaper to see me acting a fool.

I wish they were still here.

If i was still awake on that day, i would've made them stay home, not go out driving in the middle of the night to fetch food for breakfast. I would've made them stay until the next day!

I remember Ed's parents coming to the house, explaining the phone call they got from the hospital, stating that my parents were in a car accident, and they were pronounced dead.


Stepping into the shower, i felt the drops hit my face. 

I couldn't help but think if my parents death was my fault.

Some days i blame myself, but the other days, i mostly blame the person who was drunk, and hit my parents.

They don't know half the pain i went through, crying myself to sleep. Changing family's.

I'm blessed to be living with Ed now, he's helped me through the whole situation so much. 


I heard another screech as i turned the shower off and jumped out.

Wrapping the rough towel around my body, i walked to the mirror. 

Placing my hands on the sink, and leaning over it, my eyes made contact with the mirror once again.

"This is my life now" I told myself. 

Unlocking the door and stepping out, i walked into my room.

Unwrapping the towel from my cold. wet body, i began drying myself off.

Bending down to reach my drawer, i pulled out a thong and bra. 

Slipping them both on, i then walked to my closet.

Flipping threw my clothes, i pulled out a pair of white shorts and a baby pink sweater.

Walking back over to my bed, i picked up the towel and threw it in my hamper.

Opening the door, i saw Ed in the kitchen.

Smelling the aroma of bacon sizzling on the pan and toast cooking in the toaster, i walked towards Ed while putting my hair into a bun. 

"Look at you! Cooking!" i laughed as i walked behind Ed, kissing him on the cheek, indicating my appreciation. 

Sitting at the table, Ed brought my plate over.

"Eat up and get ready, I'm hosting a party for the One Direction boys to congratulate them on their album." Ed said while taking a seat beside me.

I never met the boys, but they must be great by the amount of time Ed spends talking about them.

"When?" I asked, stuffing bacon in my mouth.

"Around 9 pm, so you have about 6 hours to get ready. Knowing you, its best to get ready now. Time fly's by fast!" He laughed.

Punching him in the arm playfully i nodded my head and stuffed the rest of my face.

"Ill clean up, you can relax" I told him, grabbing his empty plate as he made his way to the living room and turning on the TV.

Placing the dishes in the sink, i grabbed the sponge and squeezed soap on it. 

Lathering the dishes, i looked up to see Ed sprawled out on the couch sleeping, again.

Laughing to myself, i separated the clean dishes from the dirty. 


Drying off my hands, i walked to the TV and turned it off. 

I decided to play a little prank on Ed.

Grabbing a Sharpie, i drew a mustache on his face.

Running away laughing, i decided to go shopping for tonight.

Grabbing my car keys, i wrote a note to Ed, saying where i was going.

Locking the door behind me, i hopped in my car and drove off.

{At The Mall}

Walking out of each store, with a new bag every time, i made it to the last shopping area.

Looking through the rack of clothes, i searched for a dress.

Sliding each dress that didn't catch my eye, my had paused on a hanger with such a beautiful dress on it. 

A ruby red dress.

Grabbing it, i rushed to a dressing room.

Putting on the beautiful dress, it was perfect. 

It was a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline that just came a couple inches above my knee, 

Taking it off, i got dressed again.

Walking out to the cashier, i bought the dress and headed back home.


Parking the car in the driveway, i looked at the clock.

Ed was right, time does fly by fast. It was now 7:48 pm, meaning i only had a little over an hour to get ready.

Rushing into the house, i saw Ed preparing food for the party. 

"Hey Ed" I said, running past him in a hurry.

"Hey Mac" He said, turning around to see me running into my room.

Pulling out the red dress from the bag, i quickly undressed myself and put the dress on. 

Grabbing my curling wand, I did slight waves in my hair.

Facing the clock, it was now 8:53.

I heard the boor bell ring, telling me that people were arriving.

Quickly redoing my makeup, i checked myself one last time before exiting my room.

Seeing a crowd of people surrounding around something, i scooted through.

Looking at what everyone was amazed by, i saw Ed sitting next to the One Direction Members and their guests. 

Looking at their faces, i recognized them all, Zayn, Perrie, Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Sophia, Niall, Ed Then last, Harry. 

"Thank you all for coming! Now please, make yourself feel comfortable!" Ed announced.

"Oh Mac! Come here! I want you to meet some people!" Ed said, motioning me towards him.

Walking over, Ed grabbed my hand and pulled me down beside him. 

"Mac this is Zayn, Perrie, Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Sophia, Niall, And Harry" Ed introduced me to them

Giving them each a smile, one by one, i made it to Harry. For some reason, i didn't just give him a regular smile like the rest of them, i give him a more flirtatious smile. 

"Nice to me you, Mac" Harry cheekily said, putting his hand out.

Moving my hand towards his, i shook it while awkwardly smiling at him.

I heard someone clear their throat. Looking over, Ed was standing up, drinking his beverage,

"oh, hah sorry" I said, standing up, straightening my dress while doing so.

I then followed Ed as he introduced me to everyone


It was now 2 am and everyone was leaving. Saying my goodbye, they all waved in return.

"We better get going, come on babe" Zayn said as he lifted Perrie up.

"Same, Come on Sophia, Louis, Niall and Harry" Liam said, being responsible.

Harry was swaying back and forth, like he was on a ship.

He seemed oblivious to his surroundings. 

"Uh, for his own personal record, i think its best for him to stay. Just in case a paparazzi catches him drunk and make a whole story out of it" Ed suggested. 

"Yeah, good looking out bro" Harry said, patting Ed on the shoulder before he plopped down on the couch.

"Ill get him some water, It was such a pleasure meeting you all!" I said, walking over to them, giving them a hug.

"Nice to meet you too, Mac. I hope We can all hang out again soon!" Sophia said, followed by everyone else.

"As do i!"

"Why don't you actually take my number, I'm free this week if you ever need anyone to hang out with" Perrie said, pulling out her phone.

Exchanging numbers, we both smiled at each other as she walked out the door with the rest of the group.

Walking to the fridge, i got a bottle of water and gave it to Harry.

"Well I'm tired, night Mac, night Harry" Ed said as he moped to his room.

"Night!" I replied followed by Harry.

As i was about to walk in my room, i heard my name being called. 

Turning around, i saw Harry sitting up, looking in my direction.

Walking back to him, i asked what he needed.

"Sit down" He commanded 

Taking a seat beside him, i turned all my attention towards him

"Whats wrong, Harry?" I questioned

He lifted his hand and placed it on my lips "Shhh" 

I was confused of what was happening.

"Can you do me a huge favor?" He asked, waiting for my answer.

Nodding my head in agreement, he continued.

"Can you be my.. best friend?" 

Giggling at his question, i nodded. 

He smiled and moved his finger away from my lips.

He fell back down on the couch, sleeping.

"Goodnight Harry"

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