Best Friends (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Mac Has Been Through A Lot, From Her Parents Dying To Being Sent To Foster Homes To Now Living With Her Close Family Friend Ed Sheeran. Ed Tried To Get Her Mind Off This When He Throws Her A Party And Invites The Boys Of One Direction. But Little Did Mac Know, That One "Hello" Would Change Her Life Forever!
Read "Best Friends (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)" To Find Out Where It Leads Her!


*Here We Go! Another FanFiction From Me, The One And Only 1D_Lover454! Hope You All Like It!

**********PLEASE READ!**********
There Will Be MUCH More Intimate Moments That Are DETAILED ( Not Extremely!) Be Aware! This Is A WARNING! Again! The Intimate Moments WILL BE DETAILED! NO HATE! THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

Also, There Will Be Very High Language In This Story!

This Will Be A LONG Story (MANY Chapters)! (:

- 1D_Lover454*


6. Nightmare

As i tried to sort myself out from almost kissing Harry, i turned to the clock.

1:27 am.

"I should get to bed" I said, facing Harry.

But by my surprise, he was already curled up in the blankets, sleeping away.

I was thinking about kicking him out, but something stopped me.

Instead, i just laid there, beside him.

Few seconds later, i felt an arm wrap around me. Knowing it was Harry's, i scooted closer to him. 

I caught myself smiling, then fell asleep.

I felt my legs burning as i noticed i was running towards a dark figure. 

As i run faster and faster, not stopping my Pace, i realize it isn't just a figure, but two large figures.

I came to the destination and stopped, dead in my tracks.

Looking to my left, i saw a car.  Walking up to it, i looked threw the window to see Harry, with his head turned backwards, looking at something.

Backing away, i got more confused.

I soon realized that it was a black van following him, probably the paparazzi trying to snap a bloody picture of him.

Turning my head in the opposite direction, i saw another car

Walking over, I looked in the window.

I froze. I couldn't catch my breath as i began to breath heavier and heavier, stepping back one foot followed by the other.

I tripped on the curb and fell on the cold, wet grass.

Sitting up, I thought of what i just saw.

My parents.

Suddenly, i felt like i was in a horror movie as i witnessed both car going the same direction.

Just then, i heard the loud bang, louder than a gun shot.

They it was, my parents death.

Right. In. Front. Of. Me. 

They worst part was watching my parents die, but another was watching Harry, kill them.
 **Dream Over**

I woke up hot and clammy.

I replayed the dream over and over again in my head.

Watching every detail go by.

I couldn't believe what happened.

I reminded myself that it could be fake, that some other person killed my parents. 

But like always, something was telling me other wise.

I stared at Harry, thinking about it. 

It was possible he could've.. But i don't want to start anything. 

We just got closer. 

But, i still wanted to know.


Oh My Gosh! 

Did You Guys See That Coming?!
Do You Think Harry Was The One That Killed Her Parents?
If You Do, Do You Think It Was On Purpose Or Accident?
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