Best Friends (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Mac Has Been Through A Lot, From Her Parents Dying To Being Sent To Foster Homes To Now Living With Her Close Family Friend Ed Sheeran. Ed Tried To Get Her Mind Off This When He Throws Her A Party And Invites The Boys Of One Direction. But Little Did Mac Know, That One "Hello" Would Change Her Life Forever!
Read "Best Friends (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)" To Find Out Where It Leads Her!


*Here We Go! Another FanFiction From Me, The One And Only 1D_Lover454! Hope You All Like It!

**********PLEASE READ!**********
There Will Be MUCH More Intimate Moments That Are DETAILED ( Not Extremely!) Be Aware! This Is A WARNING! Again! The Intimate Moments WILL BE DETAILED! NO HATE! THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

Also, There Will Be Very High Language In This Story!

This Will Be A LONG Story (MANY Chapters)! (:

- 1D_Lover454*


11. Flashback

Dragging my body in the car, i grabbed the door handle but Harry beat me to it.

Grinning at his politeness, i watched as he scratched his head while walking to his door.

"Ready?" He asked.


He started the car and headed to the party.


The boisterous noise of speakers blazing through the wind indicated we were close. 

I've never been to an actual party before, well besides like birthday parties.

I was nervous.

Pulling into the driveway, Harry spoke.

"I'm going to find a parking spot, wait for me?"

Smiling and nodding i stepped out of the car and waited for Harry to return.

Twisting my head, i saw the disaster of the house.

Toilet paper wrapped around it like a blanket, red plastic cups thrown on the floor, lights peeking out from every corner.

No one even minded, guess whats what its like when your famous, no one cares.


I snapped my head back to see someone trying to catch my attention. 

Squinting my eyes to block the light from my vision, the shouter became clear.

Justin. Justin Bieber.

Since i never met Justin, and I'm a fan of his, i swiftly guided my way to him, containing my excitement.

"Hi" I replied

"Whats a beautiful girl doin' by herself?" 

I felt my cheeks flush. "Just hanging around"

His white teeth appeared as he smiled in laughter.

"Well then, why don't we chill?" 

"Why not" I answered, giving a small smile.

Turning back to face his group of friends, i recognized them all.

Miley Cyrus, Ryan Butler, Usher, Madison Beer, Lil Twist, and Ariana Grande. 

Trying my best to fit into their conversation, i would tell my crazy stories to please them. 

They would laugh and find their own stories to relate.

After about 8 minutes of conversation, Justin pulled me aside.

"You make a good first impression.... " He began, pausing for my name.


"Mac, huh? Chill name" 

I caught my mouth turning into a "U" shape.

Suddenly, he wrapped him arm around my waists and pulled me close. 

"Hey!" Another familiar voice shouted. Harry.


As i watched him storm at us with rage, i felt my palms get moist.

"Yo. bro chill!" Justin protested.

"No! I'm not going to chill, shes mine bro, back the fuck off!"

I felt as if i was just a bubble, in the middle of the wind, swishing my head back and forth between both, about to "POP" at any moment.

Justin stepped closer to Harry, intimidating him.

Harry didn't take it, he took dominance, Pushing Justin to the floor with just one hand.

"HARRY!" I shouted in announce.

Justin regained his balance and charged towards Harry. 

Justin's fist connected with Harrys jaw, creating an echoed bang, followed by a crowd.

Harry punched back, followed by Justin reconnecting his fist with Harrys jaw.

Stop! Stop! 

I could think it, but i couldn't say it.

It brought back memories. Horrifying memories.

"GET OFF ME!" I shouted at my foster father, as he gripped my wrist, cutting off my blood circulation.

He was drunk, again.

"Shut the fuck up you stupid whore!" 

Tears rushing down my face, followed by the blood from my lip, hitting the ground from every punch he abused me with.

I would kick, and scream, and fight back with all my might, it was no use.

He would win. He was stronger.

I could smell the toxins coming from his breath, from the alcohol he consumed.

He would beat me, and beat me, until i was weak. 

Weak to get up, weak to move, weak to even shed a tear.

I would just lay there, in the puddle of blood that surrounded my bruised and scared body.

*End Of Flashback*

"STOP IT!!" I yelled, pulling on my hair.

The volume of my voice broke the tension, as everyone stared in my direction, including Justin and Harry.

"Mac.." Harry began while walking towards me.


I ran past him, into the house.

Pushing myself through the minimum amount of people who were still in the house.

Making my way to the white marble stairs, i hopped up them.

Knocking at every door, and begin snapped at by rude celebrities, i made it to the biggest door in the house.

Knocking, no one answered.

Pushing the door opened, followed by the creak it made, i switched the light on. 

A massive bed, in front pf me, a gigantic flat screen TV in the corner of the room, on top of a black wooded entertainment center.

I could feel my mouth sloly drop as i scanned every inch of the room.

Closing the door behind me, i threw myself on the bed, string and the blank white ceiling.

Whipping the tears away, and fixing my left over makeup, i was interrupted by the door flying opened and an out of breath Harry.

Ignoring his entrance, he shut the door behind him.

"Mac, I'm sorry" He plead while sitting on the bed, creasing the sheets.

I turned away from him, ignoring his apology.

"Mac", He began. "Mac, Look at me damn it!" 

I forced my eyes to look away from him but my mind fought agasint it.

My mind won. 

What Do You Think Will Happen?
Will Mac Forgive Harry? Will She Befriend Justin?

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