Best Friends (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Mac Has Been Through A Lot, From Her Parents Dying To Being Sent To Foster Homes To Now Living With Her Close Family Friend Ed Sheeran. Ed Tried To Get Her Mind Off This When He Throws Her A Party And Invites The Boys Of One Direction. But Little Did Mac Know, That One "Hello" Would Change Her Life Forever!
Read "Best Friends (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)" To Find Out Where It Leads Her!


*Here We Go! Another FanFiction From Me, The One And Only 1D_Lover454! Hope You All Like It!

**********PLEASE READ!**********
There Will Be MUCH More Intimate Moments That Are DETAILED ( Not Extremely!) Be Aware! This Is A WARNING! Again! The Intimate Moments WILL BE DETAILED! NO HATE! THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

Also, There Will Be Very High Language In This Story!

This Will Be A LONG Story (MANY Chapters)! (:

- 1D_Lover454*


3. A Walk In The Park?

As I waited for the girls to pick me up, I was just scrolling through my Tumblr feed.

Hearing a vibration coming from my phone, I picked it up, i saw that it was from Perrie.

*We're Here! xx* 

Grabbing my clutch, i walked out the door 


"Hey, Mac!" Sophia said, opening the door as i hopped in.

"Hey girls!" I said, smiling awkwardly.

"Lets go eat shall we?" Perrie asked, starting her car again

Nodding our heads in agreement, we drove off.

{At The Restaurant}

As we made our way to our table, we each pulled out our chairs and sat down.

Looking at all the different varieties of food, i made a decision.

Watching the waiter walk over to our table. 

His features made him look in his early 20's.

I looked at the name of my meal on last time.

"So what would all you beautiful ladies care for?" He asked us, leaning against my chair.

Smiling up at him, i stated my order.

"Ill have the Cesar salad, please" 

"Of Course! Anything for you darlin'" 

I felt my cheeks get red.

"And what about the rest of you" The waiter asked.

As they all placed their orders, i noticed the waiter would look in my direction ever minute or so.

I would catch myself smiling intensely every time. 

As he walked away, El leaned across the table to whisper in my ear.

"I Think he likes you!"

Not believing her, i shook my head.

Soon after, Perrie and Sophia stated the same thing. 

I began to get convinced!

Looking over to see the waiter coming with arms occupied by our plates of food, i got up from the table to assist him.

"Seems like you have some trouble with that" I teased him, taking away some plates form him.

"Well, maybe it was just my way to get you to come to me" he winked.

Blushing, we walked together to the table.

Placing the plates in front of Perrie, El, Sophia, then me, he hugged me in appreciation and walked away, his hand slowly gliding across my lower bad. 

I took a seat, with a grin on my face.

Removing my fork and knife from the napkin, i felt 6 eyes staring at me.

Lifting my head to make contact, Perrie, El, and Sophia all had their elbows on the table with their hands under their chins, smiling.

"What?" i asked

"What do you mean what?" Sophia mocked me.

"Exactly what i mean, what" i laughed, stuffing a chicken in my mouth.

"He was so flirting with you, Mac!" El interrupted.

Having a little flashback in my head, i remembered what he said, "Well, maybe it was just my way to get you to come to me".

I was convinced at this point.

"I.. i think you're right!" 

"Of course I'm right! I'm always right! Ask Louis!" El protested.

"Mac's got a crush!" Perrie mocked me, making kissy faces at me.

Feeling guilty, i laughed at her comment.

I soon took a lettuce and threw it at her. 

For payback, she took one of her french fires that came with her bacon hamburger, and threw it back at me.

Having a small food fight, Perrie lifted her white napkin and waved it in the air.

"I surrender!" 

Laughing, i popped another chicken in my mouth.


"I'm stuffed!" Sophia said, rubbing her stomach.

"So am i" I replied

As we waited for the flirtatious waiter to bring us our check, i heard a familiar ringing coming from my purse.

Digging inside, trying to find my phone, i pulled it out and looked at the caller ID. 

Unknown Number.


"Hey best friend! Its Harry!"

Oh god, here we go.

"Oh, hey Harry" 

I Earned stares from the girls

"Hey, so i know we got off at the wrong foot, but i was wondering... if we could go for a walk in the park?"

I thought of the idea, i still need to apologize for flipping out on him earlier.

"Yeah, most definitely. When?"

"Uh, when you have time?"

"I'm just finishing up lunch, can meet there?" i asked, waiting for a reply.

After about a minute of waiting, he finally replied.

"Yeah, that's fine, see you soon!"

"See you"

As soon as i hung up the phone, the waiter came over with our check.

As we each pulled out our wallets to pay for our mean, the waiter gathered up the money and brought it back to the cash register.

Getting up to leave, i followed the girls out the door, but i was immediately stopped by someone gripping my arm.

Turing around, our waiter was holding my arm, smiling.

"I hope i see you again" he whispered

Giggling, he released my arm and i continued my way outside.

Searching for Perrie, Sophia and El, they were leaning against the car.

"What was that all about Miss. Cinderella?" El asked, followed by Perrie than Sophia.

"He just said that he hoped to see me again, that's all" 

Watching as they all had a girl moment to themselves, i interrupted them.

"Do you mind if you drop me off at the park? I'm going to meet Harry there."

"Oooo, get it!" Sophia teased.

As Perrie laughed, she put a "Thumbs up" for acceptance.

Getting back in the car, we drove to the park.

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