Im What.....(1D fanfiction)

Whist happens when hope finds her long lost family but something she didn't know was that she has a brother the one and only Niall Horan........


2. first day after vacay.......

Hope's POV.


"Hope get up you gotta get to school" my mom yells. I walk over to my closet and pick out plain white tank top and a light blue skirt. I take a quick shower and shifts to my new clothes. I walk downstairs in the kitchen "hey mom have you seen my backpack" "yes its on the couch" "thanks mom" said while getting it ding ding it was my best friend rose 

(sorry im really lazy H- hope R- rose)

Rhi hopie are u up

H- yeah do u think im that lazy

Rehhh yes 


R- just kidding, did u hear 1D comes to town AARRGGHH!!!

H- really is that all u can think of??

R- yes but u like em 2

H- yes have to go see ya

R- see ya

"mom can you drive me to school?" "sure come" 

-------------------------------------------------------skip car ride------------------------------------------------------

i step out of the car and hear a well known scream "HOPIEEE" "ROOOO" we hug eachother but she just squished me more "can'" i choke out. "sorry shall we go in" "sure" while we walked in someone bumped into me "OUCH whats were you walk" "sorry are you okay love" "yeah just hurted in the start" i looked into his eyes "wait have i seen you before" "yeah probaly im niall whats your name" "wait as in niall james horan and my name is hope horan jensen" "yes and cool middle name " thanks everyone says i look like you do i??" "mayby i have to go shal we hang out later " " sure heres my number write when you want to meet" we swapped numbers and walked away "hopie where were you" " doesnt matter guess who i met" "niall horan" she said sarkastisk "actually yes how did you know" "i just kn.........WAIT WHAT" "class starts see ya" i ran down the halls


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