Im What.....(1D fanfiction)

Whist happens when hope finds her long lost family but something she didn't know was that she has a brother the one and only Niall Horan........


3. accident

i saw niall down the hall " hi ni " i said "hey hope" " so I was thinking if we could meet up after school" " yeah sure where do you want to go" " we can just go to Starbucks" okay se ya then" "sure bye" I walked into class and sat beside hope. "hi rose where you serious when you said that you met Niall Horan" she shrieked the last part "yes and shush it" "grumpy are we" I just giggled a her silliness. (skip school) I walked out in front of the school where I saw Niall waiting for me. "hi ni" I greeted him "hi hope, so where should we go"  "eeh I didn't think of that but we could go to the park" " sure I drive" I sat into Niall's car. I sat and looked out of the window ´when I saw a speeding car coming at us "NIALL WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!" but it was too late the car hit me in the side and the last thing I heard was "call 911" and everything went black.




A/N: sorry not for updating

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