My soulmate.

You've all heard the story about a vampire and a human that falls in love. But hopefully you'll find this one slightly different. I've decided to mix my two favourite things in the hole universe, one direction and vampires. This is the result. Hope you enjoy :)


17. what if

Tamara's POV

"Niall, I don't want to!" I yelled at him.

We were having a fight, again. The same fight we've been having eight times now.

"You need to do it!" He yelled back. "Just say you don't want to marry me! It would hurt me just as much as when you say you don't wanna change me!" He growled.

I froze. He had a point. We couldn't get married before both of us were vampires. But I wanted to marry him, I just didn't want him to change. At all. He was absolutely perfect.

"Don't be silly." I said, a bit more relaxed.

"Don't be silly? You know we have to drink from each other and I can't do that if I'm not vampire!"

"But.... What if I hurt you! I've been clean for such a long time, only animals. What if I can't stop when I first start?"

"I know you have the strength to do it. And remember, when it's done we can get married and start our life."

I smiled, a life with my soul mate. What could be more perfect than that.

"I'll do it, I just need to relax and wake the demon inside me. It've been sleeping for a long time."

He stepped closer and embraced me in a loving hug. "The demon. That sounds just I bit sexy! Come, let's make some food. I'm hungry."

I poked his chest. "Aren't you always hungry?"


After a long discussion about what to eat, we decided to make chicken soup. In the start we didn't really cooked something. Cause Niall used every option at all, to kiss me.

He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I turned in his arms and smashed my lips into his. His hands moved from there place on my waist, to under my bum. I wrapped my legs around him and he lifted me up, so I sat on the kitchen island. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. The butterflies started to fly and I could feel the deep satisfying sound in the back of my throat. He deepened the kiss and I let out a satisfying moan.

I jumped down from the kitchen island and shoved Niall away. "We came to make food, not to make out."

He pouted. "Yes ma'am."

He took some carrots and a knife and started cutting them to pieces. I turned around, with a smile on my face. The chicken laid in the sink, ready to get boiled. When suddenly a painful curse, ran through the air.

"Dammit!" Niall yelled.

I looked at his finger where the blood started to form like pearls and drop to the floor. The hole world seemed to stop and I could only focus on the red liquid. In a matter of seconds, Niall's body were pinned to the floor and my teeth were in his neck. The taste was amazing and first then I realised how much I've missed it.


They say there goes about two hours before the body you've turned start to wake. If that's true, it was the longest two hours of my life. I was terrified! What if I forgot to turn him? Then he won't wake and my soul mate and my happiness will be gone forever!

I tried to scream, but there weren't other sounds than my small cries. I lowered myself down to kiss his cheek, but something quickly moved my head so I kissed his lips. We kissed! Not just me kissing a dead person, but two reunited vampires kissing each other. I let my tongue glide over his teeth. They were there, the fangs.

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