My soulmate.

You've all heard the story about a vampire and a human that falls in love. But hopefully you'll find this one slightly different. I've decided to mix my two favourite things in the hole universe, one direction and vampires. This is the result. Hope you enjoy :)


3. The audition.

You can do this Tamara, you're the best. I walked out on the big stage facing the crowd, the judges and uncomfortable heat.

"Hello. What's your name?" Simon said, looking at the little nervous me.

"I'm Tamara Tomlinson" I answered trying not to shake to mouch, which I failed big time.

"Hi Tamara nice to meet you. How old are you and where are you from?"

"I'm sixteen. I'm born in Doncaster, but currently living in Cheshire"

"What do you wanna sing?"

"I'm gonna sing Girl next door, by saving jane"

"Okay, you just start when you're ready"

I took a deep to calm myself down and started singing.

Small town homecoming queen, she's the star in this scene
There's no way to deny she's lovely........ 

When I finished everyone clapped and all the judges were standing up! I was thrilled. Of course I got in.


C'mon Harry you can do it. My curly haired friend came out of the door with a smile on his face. "I'm in!" He said and started laughing.
Yes! Fantastic. I was going on x-factor with my best friend. Best thing ever!


I sat in a very comfy chair and waited for my friends at boot camp.
Harry and Louis and my new friend Niall was in now. That's what I love about stuff like this, you often meet new (extremely hot) friends.

The door to the stage opened and they came out with disappointed looks. Harry walked straight to me. He looked at me for a while with tears threatening to fall. A nerve cracking feeling in my heart by seeing my best friend so sad. "Harry it's gonna be fine" I said, trying to comfort him. But he was crying his heart out.

Louis, Harry and Niall was going home. I would probably never see Niall again. Unfortunately, I was started to fancy him.


Harry's POV

I walked straight to the airport, not caring about anything or anyone. Not even Niall. What did she see in him? Why do I care? It's not like I fancy her. Or do I? But I must admit that Tamara is pretty fit!

"Harry styles!" A male voice shouted. "You need to come back to boot camp. Simon wants to talk to you!"


Harry's POV 

I was standing on the stage with five other guys. Niall, Louis a guy named Liam and a guy named Zayn.

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