My soulmate.

You've all heard the story about a vampire and a human that falls in love. But hopefully you'll find this one slightly different. I've decided to mix my two favourite things in the hole universe, one direction and vampires. This is the result. Hope you enjoy :)


2. Reunited.

"I can't believe you actually agreed. I mean, I've never heard you sing before, and now you're at the x-factor audition!" My best friend Eleanor said, while we where standing in the sign up line.
"Well I made her do it" Harry, my best guy friend said in response.
I looked at him smiled and said "you know you have to audition to"
He didn't say anything, his face turned pale and a look filled with fear planted in his face.

I looked across the room when my eyes caught a guy. He had brown hair and blue-green eyes. The biggest smile grown on my face when I recognised him. Louis Tomlinson. My big brother, that I hadn't seen for what seemed like a billion years. "Doll-face!" He shouted and started running towards me.

"Hey who's he?" Eleanor said, and first then I realised she'd been following me.

"Oh' him, that's my brother, Louis. Louis this is Eleanor, my best friend."

"I can't believe you haven't introduced me to this young lady years ago!" Louis said with a confidence yet shaking voice.

Well I couldn't believe it either, they seemed to fit so perfect together now that I think about it. It would be so cool if they became a couple.

"I find us a place to sit" I said to the 'lovebirds' and walked away.


I was listening to my audition song over and over again. I had closed eyes and headphones on which made it difficult to pay attention to anything around me.
But suddenly someone sat down on couch across from me, I looked up expecting to see Louis, Harry or Eleanor. But it wasn't any of them.

It was a quiet handsome guy, with blonde hair a checkered shirt and baggy pants.
A warm and dizzy felling started in my stomach and worked its way up to my face, and made my cheeks burn as red as fire. I never had that feeling before so I thought there was something wrong with me.
"Are you going to ask me about something, or are you just going to stare at me for another five minutes?" He asked and first then I realised that I had been staring at the unknown boy.
"Sorry" I said with a foolish smile planted on my face. "I'm Tamara" I said it with a very quiet and shaking voice, cause I most admit that I was shy. " I'm Niall" He said, and started charming me.
"It wasn't my plan to meet such a pretty girl like you, at an audition" He said while laughing a bit. He looked down at the floor, and you could tell that he was as shy as me, which made me feel safe.


Sorry, I know the chapters aren't that long. But plzz share and comment your opinion.

~xoxo cooper/doll-face

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