My soulmate.

You've all heard the story about a vampire and a human that falls in love. But hopefully you'll find this one slightly different. I've decided to mix my two favourite things in the hole universe, one direction and vampires. This is the result. Hope you enjoy :)


15. embarrassed

Tamara's POV

Yes, I was pregnant but no one knew. I wanted to tell the lads first....or maybe Eleanor. I don't know, it's harder than I expected. Eleanor and Perrie, was joining us the last month, which means the would come tomorrow. That would be a good time to tell em all. Me, Elly and Perrie, has grown to be very close friends and I really wanted them to know first as well.


"G'morning sunshine" Louis said as I walked into the little kitchen, in the bus.

All eyes were fixed on me, except for Louis's. He was checking twitter and putting sugar in his tea. I cleared my throat, for no particular reason and first then he looked at me to. At first he smiled, but his smile faded slowly and his eyes widened.

"What?!" I asked curios.

"Tamara Tomlinson! Take on some pants, or at least a shirt!" Louis yelled at me.

I looked down at myself and realised I was in nothing but underwear. I let out a scream and ran into the bathroom. Frustrated I looked around the room and spotted one of Niall's T's. I grabbed it and literally slipped it on. That would do for now.

I walked out again to find Harry leaning against the wall, wiggling his eyebrows at the sight of me.

"You looked better without the T" he said, attempting to be funny.

"Shut it Harold!" I said trough gritted teeth.

He just smirked and walked past me to enter the small bathroom.

Before he entered he leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear "Victoria secrets, classy Tammy, really classy".


A/N sorry for the late update...and sorry for the very very very short chapter. I just don't have any ideas, so I just write fillers.


~xoxo cooper.

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