My soulmate.

You've all heard the story about a vampire and a human that falls in love. But hopefully you'll find this one slightly different. I've decided to mix my two favourite things in the hole universe, one direction and vampires. This is the result. Hope you enjoy :)


5. a few years later.

From now on the can be contents in this story I rated 13+. So don't read if you're under thirteen!

Now you're warned.

It's been two years since x-factor. And Tamara and Niall is still dating. Tamara is now almost as famous as one direction. She's a model, an actor and a singer.


Tamara's POV

Me and Niall sat on a couch in our new apartment. We needed to talk, I mean the talk.

"Niall" I said to get his attention.


"We've been dating for to years now....right?"

"Yes we have...why?"

"I'm turning eighteen soon Niall....and I'm still a virgin! It makes me question if you even want to have sex with me!"

He looked at me for a while and took the small hands of mine in his ginormous ones.

"There is nothing I'd rather do, I just thought you weren't ready"

Oh what a gentleman.


Tamara's POV

Me and Harry were out looking for furniture for his new apartment, in a ginormous centre. I really wanted to take the step forward with Niall, so maybe now would be a good time to buy protection. We haven't seen each other for weeks and now he's finally coming home, so I wanted to surprise him tonight. I needed to find an excuse, I mean I couldn't just tell Harry I needed to buy condoms.

"Harry, I really need to pee!"

"Okay, I just wait here"

I walked through the halls, trying to find some protection. I found a big wall filled with them, but I couldn't reach! Damn my height! Lucky me there was a ladder.

I found some completely normal rubbers and crawled down. I looked at the back, they seemed okay. I was about to go find Harry, when I bummed into someone. I looked up and, shit it was Harry!

"What's that?" He asked with a curios smile.

"Nothing!" I said trying to hide them behind me back, like a child stealing candy.

"Let me see"

"Harry it's really nothing!" I tried to explain, but it was to late, he already had pack in his hands.

"Teenage reflexes, don't mess with the master! Is this condoms?"

"Well...actually it's non of your business! Now give it back!"

"Aren't you supposed to be a virgin?"

"Plzz don't tell Louis" I begged.

"I won't, you can trust me with your life" he said handing me the pack.


Tamara's POV

Me and Niall watched a movie on our flat screen. I liked it, but I wanted him so badly.

I leaned in to kiss him, but I was to late. He slammed his lips against mine and l crawled on top of me. I tangled my hands in his hair and deepened the kiss. I moaned in pleasure when he sucked on my sweet spot. I tugged in his shirt, almost begging for him to take it off.

He sat up and started taking his shirt of, but I stopped him.

"I got it" I said and pulled off his shirt.

My eyes widened as I looked over his body, I reached out and rubbed my fingers over his chest?

He smiled down at me and his fingers curled around the bottom of my shirt. I allowed him to pull it over my head. He pressed his body against mine and we went back to making out.

My hands gently moved down his legs and reached the zipper. I opened his pants and pulled them down. I could feel him grow hard under me. He laughed I bit between the kisses. I reached down in my pocket and took out a condom. He reached out for it, but I moved my hand.

"Can I do it?" I asked him and bit my lip.

"You wanna do it...okay but then I want to take off your pants"


Once we were completely naked, he got into me. The sparks hit me hard like a rock. The most amazing feeling. The night Niall horan took my virginity. The best night so far.

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