Born a man.

He was simply tired. Tired of the expectations and all the hope that rested on his shoulders. As Satan's prodigy son, he didn't need to be all that. Relaxation and Freedom were the two words he knew nothing about. Until now. He would have to become a 'man'.


1. Responsibility.

Satan is my father's name. To humans, I do not exist. To angels, I am their worst enemy. To demons, I am a prince. And to myself, I am a tired being.After all being born before the world was created would make you tired.

I am Belail, the 'prince' of the place people call 'HELL'.


"Your Majesty!" Ah the dog spoke. No, he whined. With a sigh, I turned my attention to the lowly demon.

"Scum, what do you want?" That was most likely the nicest response I could have given the man. I felt partially sorry for him though. Wait, man?

I looked at him shockingly.

"You are a human?" I asked him carefully. He nodded at me silently.

"You lie. You couldn't have possibly gotten here if you are just a mere human." I told him factually. Surely someone as weak as a human was would have never gotten past the gates. It was impossible. Unless...

"I am afraid I do not lie to you, your majesty. I was given permission to enter." What? Who could have poss- wait don't tell me...

"Are you the one father sent to teach me?" I asked dreading the answer. The human nervously scratched his head before answering.

"Ah, yes. I am Hadrian. It's an honour to meet you, Prince Belail."

Oh, we'll shit.

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