The house keeper's daughter

My moms a house keeper and her client is ONE DIRECTION!!??!?? I end up living with them!(⌒▽⌒)( ̄(工) ̄)


9. paranormal activity



- half a heart by ONE DIRECTION



"Put the mince in a pan and stir until brown..." I mumbled to myself, as doing so.

"Put the chopped onions in the pan." Okay, I was still crying from the acid effecting my eyes.

I carried on with the whole cooking thing and a few minutes later I was done. I have to say it did look and smell pretty delicious. Harry abandonned me for the film, because I mean so much to him obviously.

"BOYS! DINNER IS READY!" I screamed, and within a second Niall was there, waiting to be told he can eat. The others soon followed through and we started eating. The meat tasted amazing and danced around wth my tastebuds

Around 15 minutes later and we had moved from the kitchen into the living room.

"Whos up for a movie then?" Liam asked, to which everyone agreed.

"What about, Paranormal Activity?" Harry asked, to which everyone apart from me had agreed to,

"No. Flippin. Way." I spoke up, still full from the meal.

"Oh come on Safron! If you get scared then we can turn it off!" Louis said.

"No No N-" I started before I was interupted.

"YES!" Niall said, impersonating my voice but failing miserably.

"Lets get this film started then!" Zayn said, smirking at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and went and sat with Harry.


"OhMyGod Harry! what was that?!" I spoke up, all the screaming I had done during the film had made my throat hurt, so I sounded kind of croaky.

"It was just the wind, come on get into bed." Harry replied, trying to get me to sleep, as I was a year younger than him, he thought bringing me to bed would help. Idiot.

"Harry, you can leave now, goodnight." I said, giving him an awkward hug as I was lying down.

"Night." He replied before leaving the room. I layed there, thinking about how my life could change by just being here. All the paparazzi. Everything.

I was almost drifting off, until I heard a loud bang, and then some mumbling. I hid underneath my cover, and I heard my door open, I peered over my duvet and saw a black figure hiding in my room. Through all the burglaries I have witnessed my automatic reflex was to scream, and so I did. I screamed so loud I had closed my eyes,and when I oppened them I realised that the light was on, and Louis and Harry where standong there. In their pyjamas. Which consist of boxors. They where both topless.

"GET OUT OF MY ROOM YOU IDIOTS!" I screamed, to which they just smirked at me and left. If this is what I am going to have to live with. I'm moving out.


OKAY PEOPLE HERE IS ANOTHER CHAPPIEDOO... I still have a few more hours to update. but dont expect another until tuesday or MAYBE monday, cause I have rehearsals........... :P

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