The house keeper's daughter

My moms a house keeper and her client is ONE DIRECTION!!??!?? I end up living with them!(⌒▽⌒)( ̄(工) ̄)



anywaysss soo more drama in this episode ;) I guess it is, but isnt, but Haz and Saf cook spaghettttiiiiiiii :P

Alsooooo I may go into Zayn, or Harry or Amanda's (MUMMA).. hmm........... ohh yer btww i decided to make Amanda arounnddd 35??? does that make scense??? causee Saf is 18?? or should she be 17??? uhhhhh I dunnooooo :S butt i have written some notessss......... hmm...... and they work well for this chappie soo yerr youu lucky chummnoldss ;) xx



"Harry, we don't have any ingredients!" I shouted to him, as we had been searching the cupboards for something to use.

"I guess we need to go shopping then!" he replied.

"Where are we going then?" I replied, quitter this time.

"Tesco? It's open 24 hours!" He said.

"Fine, let me get changed!" and with that I walked up stairs and grabbed a pair of tracksuit bottoms (A/N sweatpants you americans and others;) ) and put them on over my pyjama bottoms. I also grabbed my coat ( because it was likely to be cold. I grabbed my navy rope TOMS and walked downstairs, to find Harry in a beanie and a coat. I gave him a confused look to which he replied with "I'm a celebrity." and I completley understood.

"Bye guys, we're getting ingredients!" I called, and Harry and I walked out.


MEHHH I SWEAR THERE IS DRAMA NEXT CHAPPIE! which will be up in a few minuets ;)



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