The house keeper's daughter

My moms a house keeper and her client is ONE DIRECTION!!??!?? I end up living with them!(⌒▽⌒)( ̄(工) ̄)


3. living with them?!

"Okay, so floor, 15? Okay, thank you Mr. Styles.Yes I know, okay HARRY" My mother said into her phone, emphasising the Harry, as he had obviously told her not to call him Mr. Styles.

"Lets go then, floor 15!" My mum said. I pressed the button and the elevator soon arrived, my mum and i hopped in and pressed number 15. After a breaf time, the doors of the lift oppened up, and we could see 5 doors. We rang the bell at number 15A, and then heard some shuffling come from inside, to which the doors then oppened, and standing there was a good-looking, green-eyed, curly brown haired boy, Harry.

"Hello, I'm Harry! And you must be, Amanda and Safron!" Harry said. My mum nodded and he held his hands out, to say 'come in then'. I stepped inside, and immediatly noticed the humongous flat. There was a large kitchen, a large dining room, and a large family room, all connected. I also noticed the white grand piano, waiting to be played, and I knew I would play it at one point.

"So, welcome to your new home," Harry spoke ", My flat mate and band mate Louis isn't here, he's out with his girlfriend, so who knows when he'll be back," Harry said, wincking at me, to which I laughed ", Amanda, the boys and I decided that you deserve your own space, so we have a flat bought for you, it is at the very end of the hallway, number 15E, and I'm afraid to say, Safron, your room, is upstairs at the end of the hallway. We could only find one flat in the entire block, and the one we did find only had one bedroom, so you will have to stay with us, if thats okay?" and of course I nodded. who takes down the offer to live with Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

"Woow, Safron and Harry, there is a strict no funny buisness policy, and i say this more towards you Harry!" my mum spoke up, obviously not pleased with the arangments, to which Harry and I ust smirked at and nodded our heads obediantly.

"Where is your luggage?" Harry asked.

"Downstairs, in our car." I spoke up for the first time in a while. Harry then said we where going to get all the stuff and bring it up, so that mum and I could move in properly.


Authors note!!

I understand how short this was. Please don't hate me!


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