The house keeper's daughter

My moms a house keeper and her client is ONE DIRECTION!!??!?? I end up living with them!(⌒▽⌒)( ̄(工) ̄)


10. left with Zayn (=^ェ^=)

I woke up to the weird feeling of warmth. It was weird, considering we couldn't afford heating. I oppened my eyed and it all sunk in. I was staying in Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson's flat. Like LIVING. I immediatley grabbed my phone to check the time: 6:30. The normal time that I used to have to get up to for my job I did. I turned over with hope of getting back to sleep, but after trying, and failing after 30 minutes, I gave up. I went into my bathroom and turned on the shower. I stripped off and jumped in.

The boiling water made my skin feel smooth, and once my hair was drenched I decided on grabbing my all in one shampoo and conditioner and rubbed it into my hair.

After another 10 minutes I was out of the shower, and in a towel. I tied my hair back into a bun, and chose to wear a pair of Hollister tracksuit bottoms and a plain long sleeved top with my green Jack Wills jumper over the top. I then went over to my dresser and took the hairdryer from it. I blew dry it messily, so I then put it up in a bun. I applied a small amount of make up and walked downstairs, to find no one awake. I went into the cupboard and found some pancake mix, so I decided that would be the best option. I also found some bacon, and decided to use that as well. After around 3 pancakes made, I felt the pressence of someone watching me, so I turned around and found Louis standing there, looking amazed atmy pancake making talents.

I stood there staring back at his crystal blue eyes, until I smet burning

"Oh Crap! Quick Louis get the bacon!" I spoke, making the silence disapear. I put the frying pan into the water filled sink and Louis dealt with the bacon.

"Why does it smell like someone ha-," Harry spoke in his husky tone, walking down the stairs ", Oh right." He said once he noticed what had happened. He gave me a worried look, but before I could give him a dirty look back Louis interupted

"Okay, well I am spending the day with my girlfriend Eleanor today."

"I'm going out today with Niall and Liam is with Danielle." Harry also said.

"Wait, so that just leaves me and Zayn right? Cool! I need to get to know him more!" I said, which was true. Once I had finished that sentence, the other boys came running in, except for Liam, who I guessed was with Danielle already.

"Vas Happenin'?" I heard Zayn say, no one replied though, Harry was in a conversation with Niall already, and I guessed that they where going to a Zoo today considering their conversation, and Louis was texting someone, which I guessed was Eleanor. I was also to busy with my thoughts, until Niall started clicking his fingers infront of my face.

"okay, we are going out now! See you guys at around 9, Harry and I are going for food as well and Louis may not return, so see you!" Niall said, and then everyone left, leaving Zayn and I to be left in an awkward silence.

"You wanna do something with me today?" Zayn asked me, with a mouthful of cheerios.

"Sure, what should we do?" I asked him.

"Shopping." And of course I said yes.

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well that's finsihed, DRAMA NEXT CHAPPIE

YOU FISH ><> <><

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thanks ;)

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