The biggest fan ever (a sherlock fanfic)


1. the biggest fan ever (Sherlock)

John sat watching his favorite tele show, doctor who. Then Sherlock rushes in John jump when he saw Sherlock "john I'm bored did we get a case worth my time" he said "Sherlock don't do that you scared the hell out of me" john said "I'm serious I'm bored " Sherlock said " I thought you went to find a case" john said "well I was till I started judging people. People aré weird" Sherlock said "well i'm watch The tele go bug mycorft or molly" John said trying to continúe watching his show. Then Ms. Hudson came in. John got annoyed everyone come in, he missing his show so he turned off The tele "hello boys i made lunch for all of us" she said as she setting three plates. John and Sherlock looked At each other so They all ate. John and Sherlock Went to The police office to bug someone till they gave them case worth Sherlock time, John spotted a girl about 14 waiting for someone. He hit Sherlock so Sherlock would notice that little girl "around 14, has a Dog, maybe a Brother, nail bitter, not The most popular girl in school since she is wearing a hoodie. She american. She musted be here for a different reason then everyone assumes" Sherlock said all smart and stuff. John and Sherlock Went over to The girl "hello, i'm-" Sherlock said being cut off "i know i'm a Big fan. Well not The crazy ones. But anyways i need your Help." The girl said "by The way i'm ryan" ryan said "what The case and Will it not bored me" Sherlock said "i have seen. Things. " ryan said she pulled a pictures of it Sherlock And John looked At it. Its was a man in suit not just any man moraity. Sherlock started to think 'he can't be alive, it not possible. Unless'. "Thank you for showing us, Sherlock" john said "how did you get this pictures" Sherlock asked "i took it with my phone" ryan said "he said so show Sherlock. I'm scared. He has my family" ryan said "come with us" John said, Sherlock gave him The 'what The hell' face and John gave him The 'we have to Help, be nice for once please' face. Sherlock rollled his eye And walked off. "Come with us we aré going to Help you" John said hold out his hand ryan grab it and they following Sherlock.

Sherlock Went back to The house, "Ms. Hudson can please take care of little girl. While we slove a case. She important right Now" Sherlock said "okay, hello dear" Ms. Hudson said. John mentally faceplam himself. Then ryan whispered to John "she seem like that little Old nice lady that well kill you in your sleep" "no she really nice, to you'll like Ms.hudson" John said reasureing her. Ryan walked to Ms. Hudson, Ms. Hudson patted her on The back and took her. John Ana Sherlock looked At each "how is he alive. I saw him shoot him self" Sherlock said "decoy, maybe" John said "don't be- oh" Sherlock said John confesed like always. Sherlock ran up to where ryan and Ms.hudson where At. "Rayon i need to talk to you" Sherlock said, Sherlock Will probably never get ryan ñame right. Ryan nodded "how did you meet him" Sherlock asked "well we order pizza, so when The doorbell my Mom got it, then he took my Mom, my dad, my little Brother. Then when i was watching The New about one of your cases he poped into my room. And he hand me The phone , and said an do quteo show Sherlock that man on The tv this picture. Then you well see your family The next morning" ryan said "i think he want to make a statement that he back but why" Sherlock began to walk and paces back And forth ryan walked up to John And asked him "is he always like this" Ms. Hudson and John said together "yes" they looked shock At each other but then they just Sherlock in his thinking processes. Sherlock mind kept racing with ideas about where moraity was and how he Could find him.

Sherlock finally got it. But he bet he someone ready to aim At Sherlock. Sure eough he did And The gun was pointed At sweet little ryan.

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