Daughter of Artemis (A percy Jackson Fanfic)

I always wondered why I was born a huntress.But Bianca De Angelo said that they had found me when I was a baby and taken me in.I am not however immortal.But when I get sent to camp half-blood for a taster summer,I get called upon to do a quest with my newly acquired friends.But when I run into Thalia Grace on Mount Everest will I find out my true mother?
(Everyone who dies in the percy Jackson and the heroes of Olympus books are alive)


5. Note u gotta read and last story chapter

Hey guys.Well me and the author of Daughter of Apollo are really good friends in real life so today we decided that we would do a cross over of these two book so when it is published I will write another chapter.Now below is the last story chapter.Enjoy:

I looked over to the left and saw the ares cabin fighting the Apollo cabin.Ollie was yet again arguing with Thalia about who there parented were.I looked to my right to see that someone was talking to Chiron.Her hair danced in the wind and her feet were moving around the grounds as if she was drawing on the grass.She indercated to the fighting cabins with a exasperated look.Chiron dragged her onto his back and cantered over to the fighting.I seemed to remember what Zoe always says"If fighting is a last resort don't let it come to that."She was a woman of not many words but when she does speak it always levels a a lasting impression on you.Just then the girl glanced over to me with realisation in her eyes.

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