Daughter of Artemis (A percy Jackson Fanfic)

I always wondered why I was born a huntress.But Bianca De Angelo said that they had found me when I was a baby and taken me in.I am not however immortal.But when I get sent to camp half-blood for a taster summer,I get called upon to do a quest with my newly acquired friends.But when I run into Thalia Grace on Mount Everest will I find out my true mother?
(Everyone who dies in the percy Jackson and the heroes of Olympus books are alive)


2. ME

I have read cork-screw curls uncannily like Artemis's. I have silvery blue eyes with pale skin.I Am a huntress yet I can shoot with a dagger lot better then with a arrow.I call Thalia and Bianca my moms because they are the first faces I can remember.I have been a huntress since I was 2.According to Zoe I was found being chases by a cyclops.Apparently i fight really well when in danger.My favourite sport is sprinting because when I am in danger I can run pretty fast.I never went to school but the other huntresses taught me the basics.We all speck in normal language other that Zoe Nightshade because she just can't change her ways.I was born in 1950 but Icwas never granted immortality instead i have a spell on so I age 1 year every 50 years.When I first Arrived in the ranks I had an aging position so I look 13.This is my favourite outfit above.



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