Daughter of Artemis (A percy Jackson Fanfic)

I always wondered why I was born a huntress.But Bianca De Angelo said that they had found me when I was a baby and taken me in.I am not however immortal.But when I get sent to camp half-blood for a taster summer,I get called upon to do a quest with my newly acquired friends.But when I run into Thalia Grace on Mount Everest will I find out my true mother?
(Everyone who dies in the percy Jackson and the heroes of Olympus books are alive)



"Hey Ollie what are you doing here?"I questioned

"Well me and Thalia are going to camp half-blood."Ollie stared.

"Oh cool I'm going to."I told them both.

"Well come on we need to go to camp."Thalia said tugging on her brothers arm.

"Ok let's go."I told Ollie's twin.As we were walking in I saw a old looking satyr cantering towards us.

"Hey Percy,Annabeth,Thalia.What are you doing here?"The satyr questioned.

"We are here to drop off Ollie and Thalia II and Thalia is here to drop  Savanna off Grover."Percy explained to the satyr called Grover.

"Oh ok come in."Grover said to us all.

"Good bye Thalia,Zoe and phoebe.Good luck with your quest.And tell Artemis that I would love to meet her."I hugged all the huntresses and then walked through the walkway to start my own adventure.I looked back to see Phoebe crying,she wasn't as strong as the rest of us.I turned around and ran to catch up with Ollie,Thalia and their parents.I had been told story's about camp half-blood of course but it was amazing.It was like walking into a book.There were Schools and cafés with old people and children running about.The only thing that has changed about camp half-blood was that it was now a little town as well as a summer camp.Percy and Annabeth had a place here.I will be in there house until I get claimed.I finally caught up with them and we fell away from Annabeth,Grover and Percy-who were chatting animatedly-.Ollie lead the way to the lake.

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