Daughter of Artemis (A percy Jackson Fanfic)

I always wondered why I was born a huntress.But Bianca De Angelo said that they had found me when I was a baby and taken me in.I am not however immortal.But when I get sent to camp half-blood for a taster summer,I get called upon to do a quest with my newly acquired friends.But when I run into Thalia Grace on Mount Everest will I find out my true mother?
(Everyone who dies in the percy Jackson and the heroes of Olympus books are alive)



"Hey,Thalia can you tell me another story about you,Percy and Annabeth."I asked Thalia again.All of the huntress and me were on are way to camp half-blood because I was stay ing there for a summer while the other hunter go and find a new minor god with Artemis.

"for the last time,no!"Thalia said exasperated.

"Would thy care to shut up"Zoe nightshade called out from the front.I had never seen Artemis but Zoe worships her so i figured she must be something pretty special.Suddenly I felt a splash of ice cold water fall over my body and flatten my hair against my back.I then realised that it was Ollie and Thalia Jackson with their parents following behind.I only know them because I have known their parents for years.

"Oi Ollie stop covering Savanna and get your butt over here,you to Thalia"Percy commanded.

"Uncle Percy auntie Annabeth!"I cried running up to them.

"Hi red head"Percy joked.

"Stop teasing her"Annabeth chided.

"Ok Ok love"Percy sighed.While his kids were making sick sounds next to their parents.


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