Me, Myself, and I

This is going to be about Me and emotional bullshit and all sorts. Sometimes not emotional, but ok. Also EVERY FUCKING DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! (obviously)

LACE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


30. Well damn.

In the title πŸ‘†, that's my reaction right now. I never realized i had almost (1 more chapter ) 40 chapters for this book. I didn't even do that for my last book, my last book i did 15 chapters and i was done. The only difference between the two is the other one was imaginesπŸ’‘ and this one πŸ‘‡ is a diary. I probably spelled that wrong but oh well.


Guys i would like some feedback πŸ‘‡ in the comments, i want to see what you guys want to know. Or what you guys like or what you guys want me to write about. Now i know how other writers feel if they don't get responses. Usually i'm like fuck that shit imma just read the next chapter. Wtf i just realized im getting all soft and shit for no reason. That makes no fucking sense. Anyways i was going to tell you guys something but i forget what it was. This is the longest time I've been single since i dated Alex. Damn that was like 2 months ago i need to get on the ball now. ( why i sound thirsty as fuck right now like damn.) I'm just kidding guys i don't want a boyfriend YET, but i've been re thinking about my relationship status. This guy cody was going out with this girl Sonia, i mean i didn't like her everybody doesn't like her at all (if that made sense). Sonia thinks she is always right like the THOT i USED to talk to, that's why no one likes her. Anyways, they started dating and when i found out i was just like problem (if you don't know who that is google him) "LIKE WHAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I was just surprised and i was like how in the hell am i single if those two are going out⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉. Cody is a big dude, he's really tall and he's at least 297 lbs. He's big for a 7th grader, but i'm also big. I'm at least 250 (i think), which is sad because i'm only 13 and i don't want to die yet, i'm too young to die right now. I'm going to workout with my sister this summer since she is moving back. She's not going back to EWU because it's too country and stuff so she's going to UW Tacoma. (University of Washington Tacoma) There is 2 locations that's why i included the city because we have the main one in Seattle and the one that my sister is going to.

Thot~ a hoe, whore , slut, can be a main chick or side chick 

Remember comment below πŸ‘‡





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