Me, Myself, and I

This is going to be about Me and emotional bullshit and all sorts. Sometimes not emotional, but ok. Also EVERY FUCKING DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! (obviously)

LACE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


38. ughh

Ughh school starts in 2 days for me, i don't want to go back. The only reason why i'm going to be happy because hubby's birthday is on the same day! He's going to be 22, he's going to be my brother in law. If that doesn't work i mean we're only 9 years apart, age is just a number. When i'm 18 he'll be 27 it'll still work.

Man i wish summer can start all over again, i was supposed to work out and get slimmer. I was supposed to grow a big ass this summer, i was supposed to be the girl that gets good attention. I was supposed to be the girl that gets her first real boyfriend, i was supposed to have fun and hangout all night. I was supposed to be the girl that takes the attention when she goes to a party. I was supposed to get slimmer so i could wear short shorts without being uncomfortable. I was supposed to hold a guy's hand in public, i was supposed to be held by a guy from behind. I was supposed to get slimmer so a guy can actually fit his arms around my waist, i was supposed to be the girl that goes back to school and hear "damn, is that Lechone?!?" "damnn! Did she get a bigger ass or is my eyes playing tricks?!?!!" "damn! Ma got slimmer." or "can i hit you up or get to know you??". That's what i was supposed  do. All i did was read, did 1 5k race, only went outside if i was going on a walk with Sanaa, went to 2 birthday parties, 1 of them was a backstabbing bitch i dropped her 5 days after her birthday, went to the zoo, went to 2 museums, went to 1 park twice, ate and laid down. Ther was only 3 good things about my summer: i got to see bae (Kazie), my goggie was here, and i got to see my hubby perform. Seeing August perform was the highlight of my summer, he performed so many songs and he was sick! The ending of the concert caught me off guard, he kept repeating the part "she tell me keep fucking" from I luv this shit and kept grinding in the air that's when i was screaming louder than before. When i got home he posted a video of everybody and i was in yellow so i saw myself i kept thinking this is a dream. When we got to the venue before the concert officially started i was like is this real? I felt like i was on cloud 9, i felt like if i'm dreaming i need to wake up because this feels so real. I wish i got to meet him and get him to be my brother in law or something. When he first came out i looked at him and he looks finer in person, in pictures he's fine but in person he's FOINE!!!!! I swear he looked like a model or something he was that fine. FOINE is an understatement for him boo, he is gawjus. He's not gorgeous he's gawjus, just like he says because of his NOLA accent.

Ok let me stop rambling and comment πŸ‘‡ ask questionsπŸ‘‡ if you want too




is it me or is my outro getting longer.

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