Me, Myself, and I

This is going to be about Me and emotional bullshit and all sorts. Sometimes not emotional, but ok. Also EVERY FUCKING DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! (obviously)

LACE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


39. sup!

Hey guys! I know i haven't talked to you guys in hella but school has been kicking my ass. I'm just really stressed and i need my stress reliever which is talking to you guys and listening to music. I'm stressed because Kazie still likes her ex Gavin and Gavin still likes him, and Kazie is being stubborn and not letting him have chance. The plan was to get Kazie to be happy and go out with him, but she says she physically can't go out with him. It's not like a phase, they love each other you can tell. Gavin brightens up when she is around , his eyes are brighter, he smiles and laughs he's happy with her. It's the same with Kazie she brightens up around him, she actually happy. It's not that fake fufu shit she usually be on, she is smiling and is bright. Here comes her conscience telling her that she's not good enough for him. I kept trying then she told me to stop so i did, i knew i was making her feel pressured so i stopped.

I ended up with a girlfriend, Kazie checked her and everything, i'm happy. It's been almost a month, but recently she start ignoring me like i did something wrong. Even when she's busy she takes some time to respond and have a conversation with me but instead she just read the 2 messages i sent and didn't respond. I feel like how i was with Alex, i feel neglected i feel like i'm not good enough for her. I'm afraid to text her because i feel like she's going to break up with me. I feel so alone now because i can't talk to Kazie, Gavin has enough stress on his plate with trying to get Kazie back, i can't talk to my girlfriend she's just going to ignore me anyway. The only person i have is Edwin and i know he has his own problems and i don't want to seem like thottie. There's so much shit on my plate it's crazy, my math level dropped because my math teacher from last year was supposed to teach us everything on the state test instead she didn't so i was at a 7th grade level. My grade in AVID is a F because the girl that was grading my binder checks she marked it wrong. My wisdom teeth are coming in so my mouth hurts like a bitch. I almost got in a fight on the bus with this guy Hugo because he kept squirting water on the bus when we told him to stop, but no so he decided to spray it in my face so i stood up popped him in his ear and slapped him on the side of the face. He knew me from 6th grade and he thinks i'm that girl that wouldn't hit anybody, SIKE nigga you don't know me i will beat your ass on this bus with you short Mexican swag fag, big bean head ass. Get on with that shit, i swear people keep testing me like i won't do here is where your wrong, my mama didn't raise no fool. If you touch or swing at me i will touch and swing back ya heard me. I am not that dumb bitch that will take a whole bunch of shit from someone, i already got my own shit to worry about so what makes you think i'll worry about yours? Stupid niggas and bitches get on my nerves, i want someone to touch me i dare them. If they do all i'm going to see is read my other Cherokee side will show don't play with me. I don't need to play any of these games, i'm done with all this drama shit. I mean everybody has goals and they want to meet them but we can't if stupid niggas or bitches are playing these stupid ass games. I need to do better



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