Me, Myself, and I

This is going to be about Me and emotional bullshit and all sorts. Sometimes not emotional, but ok. Also EVERY FUCKING DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! (obviously)

LACE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10. random ish 😜

 I'm going to be randomly updating on here because i have wattpad for reading. I'M SUCH A BOOK NERD😜, no i only read stories online that's why my reading score is low but i don't like reading out of books. When i'm at school and i'm forced to read a actual book in my head i'm like bitch leave me alone! But you know how that is.

I'm going to talk about my last basketball game (yay πŸŽ‡). This girl aquavia on my team was going to get popped by me with her mouth. I played the game but in my head i really wanted to go over to where aquavia was and just pop her. When i went back to school on that monday i told them the story i didn't care that the teacher was in the room i straight up said " i really wanted to pop aqavia in the mouth" my friend paechence was like " ok! Lechone there's a teacher in the room" i looked at my teacher she turned her head and smirked like yeah bitch go get her. I was like IDGAF!!!!!!!!!




So let me get off here and get in the shower


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