A girl Called "Emily" audition for the X Factor 2010 UK, But who knows what gonna happen with her in her auditioning, job and how her whole life would change !


5. Your call


                                                           ** Next Day**


Harry P.O.V


I woke up as I heard my phone ringing on the floor. It was an unknown number, I answered " hello....."


Emily P.O.V

"Hello" I said with a shy voice, 'I am not sure what I was doing right now' I kept thinking in my head.     "hello!?" I heard Harry's sexy morning voice again,"hi, harry I'm Emily do you remember me!? " Ohhh yeah ..... I remember you!!" Harry said surprisingly  " Well.... I'm sorry cause I didn't talk to you on the plane but I was so surprised  and shocked to see you again" I said weirdly" "ohh... It's okay but from where did you get my number !?" he asked." ummmm ...... well in fact, Louis gave to me" I replied " well anyways good to hear your voice again, but I'm sorry I really can't talk now :/!!" he said " well, okay bye now call you later" I said with a really shy and worried voice " okay bye" he said then we end up the call.  


Harry P.O.V

 I was really surprised and shocked from that call I wouldn't expect her to call me! I ended up the call was her as I didn't know what to say I was extremely nervous but at the same time I wanted to hear her voice again!!


Emily P.O.V

I can't believe I just called harry styles!! I was extremely terrified and worried I didn't know how to talk. The one thing that I wanted to do was just to hear his voice it was just unbelievable




Hey guys I know this chapter is boring but I promise I will write more interesting chapters but I am planing for something big for you guys If I reached 100 readers!!!








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