A girl Called "Emily" audition for the X Factor 2010 UK, But who knows what gonna happen with her in her auditioning, job and how her whole life would change !


2. who are you


I shook his hand "Hey, I'm Emily'' I said  we kept silent for a sec. "Well .... Why you were standing over there!?"
I asked. "I,…I just heard your voice and just liked it " he said flashing me a smile but I didn't smile back "I'm sorry if I just bothered you I can just leave" he said gently "no…no, It's okay don't even think of it" we smiled at each other faces. 



"C'mon honey let's get in the car" my mum said "Can you wait tell you see my audition it's next!!" he said I kept a while thinking then I said "yeah why not!!" I told my mum to wait for me in the car then I just waited for his audition !! Before he enter we were exploring each other he told me a bit of his s​elf as I did too!!!



It was time for him to audition, I stood back stage watching him he sang a great song "Isn't she lovely" I loved his song version. When he finished he ran towards me "  so what do you think" he asked "i think you deserve no.1" I replied flashing a smile.They asked us to stand all on stage to see who will continue in the competition. The judges said the names of the contestant who will continue  but neither me nor harry made it…… we just kept crying backstage until they asked harry back with "Zayn Malik" ,"Louis Tomlinson" , "Niall Horan" , "Liam Payne" they went on stage and came back as a boy-band so they where in again !!!! They called themselves "One Direction"


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