A girl Called "Emily" audition for the X Factor 2010 UK, But who knows what gonna happen with her in her auditioning, job and how her whole life would change !


3. Life is cruel

                           **Three years later**

*Harry's P.O.V

"Please buckle your seat belts because were about to land" The air host said as I begun buckling my seat belt."Anything you want to drink sir ?"The servant said,I looked at her , she looks familiar, I taught in my head "Umm,yeah,I would like to have fresh orange juice please " I gave her a smile still knowing I saw her before ! ''But excuse me,whats your name?" I asked out of the blue , "Emily is my name"Her sweet soft voice said , Emily,Emily  I searched in my head, "Emily,I am sure I saw you before" I said still trying to remember , EMILY!!!, "You auditioned for the X-Factor right ?!" I said grinning , ''Yes I did,but I lost because..." She said and didn't complete


*Emilys P.O.V

"Yes I did , but I lost because..." I remembered , everything flashed back in my head , 



''I'm sorry but its either Emily or Harry" Simon said,"I'm sorry Emily" I held my self from the tears that were about to escape my eyes,I lost , I lost I kept thinking in my head 

~~End Of Flashback~~


"Harry , Harry Styles "How couldn't I know that?"Are you alright?" he asked me "Yes I am , your the one I met backstage in the X-Factor finals right ?!"I said not believing what happened "Yes I am ,your Emily,Emily Woods , the one who sounded like an angel while singing "He said almost as shocked as I am ....................



Harry's POV

She is so pretty,damn it !

"I'm sorry" I said ,"For what?" She replied "For ruining your dream,you should have won" I said she was smiling "You didn't do anything, after days of crying I realized singing isn't my thing , since i was a little kid I always wanted to go all around the world and here I am , riding a plane , I've been to half of the world , seeing celebrities" She said as I was happy I didn't ruin her dreams 

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