A girl Called "Emily" audition for the X Factor 2010 UK, But who knows what gonna happen with her in her auditioning, job and how her whole life would change !


1. Dream comes true

"Hurry up you're gonna be late for you audition sweetie." I heard my mum shouting"Yeah coming mum." I grabbed my Bag and went downstairs. I wasn't sure about that auditioning I was extremely nervous meanwhile I was so exited.


When we arrived I saw a big sign of "the X factor" I was more nervous than before. I spend hours to get in,and I had my very first two interviews! Although I was worried I was happy as I am letting my dream come true!


Finally I got in there was two before me but they failed that made me more nervous! When the guy backstage gave me the microphone I was gonna let go and run out from this place!


However, I  decided to be more confident and go in as I didn't have any other choice

When I entered I said "hey" with a worried voice, then I heard Simon saying "hey there, tell me a bit about yourself" I got a bit confident afterwards. " My name is Jane, I'm 16 I worked for a while in an airplane company" I replied "Great let hear ya" Simon said. I started singing I just had to imagine I'm in front of my mirror in my room and let it be! The weirdest thing was that guy about 16 years standing backstage to support me, I din't even know him! Before I finished all judes stood up and gave me a hand. I think that was a good sign! After I finshed I went to my mum straight forward in her arms. After greeting that guy came to me "hii, l'm Harry,Harry Styles"........


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