Plane crash


1. chapter one

Emily's POV

It's been 4 weeks since I've seen Niall. I miss him so much. I can't wait for home to get home. The doctor said that he can come home tonight .Niall and I have been darting for 3yrs now and it is about to be 4yrs his mom and I are going to get him from the doctor he would have taken a plane but he was not going to go that again we'll see he got in a plane crash two weeks ago ago and I could not go see him because I had to go school and he is 5 hrs away I miss him so much I hope he can come home .

Nialls POV

I miss Emily so much I hope she hasn't moved on because I really love her so much I hope she can come with my mom she hasn't texted me since the crash I could be getting home right now but I'm not getting on another plane a least not here at least not now

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