Immune Runaway

Second book to Zombie Apocalypse!!

Nina, Harry, Justin, and Selena get torn from Niall. They risk their lives to try and find/rescue him. Selena has to tell Justin about the baby. This is all too much to handle in a Zombie Apocalypse! But Nina soon finds out....


11. you're okay

I kicked at the window attempting to break it. No luck there. Niall was tied to a post in the middle of a dark room. He was bloody and beaten. "Nina.." He mumbled as he picked up his head. "Niall. Baby I'm right here." I touched the glass and smiled. He smiled back. Than the moaning and groaning began. "Nina. I'm locked in here with zombies. They also got Harry, Gemma, and Pierre. You have to save them. We all know I'm immune. I'll be okay." He assured me as a tear rolled down his face. "You can still be eaten alive." I choked on my words. "Nina. Go!" He screamed at me. I jumped at his voice and ran. "Harry!!" I screamed as I ran as fast as I could. "Nina! We're in here!" I heard someone bang against a door. I skidded to a stop and pulled open the door. They were all chained up by collars. "Nina get these off. Please. It hurts." Gemma clawed at her collar. Their collars had red blinking lights. They're explosive. My eyes turned wide. "Help us. Please." Gemma hysterically grabbed my arm and started crying. "I need a key!" I threw things around looking for a key. But I couldn't find one. My heart was practically pounding out of my chest. They clawed at their collars, begging me to help. I pulled out a bobby pin from Gemma's hair and started to pick at her collar. Once I got it unlocked Gemma ran to Harry. "Gemma unlock his!" I yelled at her and threw the bobby pin at her. I ran back to Niall's room. But once I got there he wasn't there. "Niall?!" I screamed as I spun Around. "Nina.." I heard Niall cry behind me, I spun around and gathered him in my arms. "You're okay. I love you. You're okay." I pat his hair and kissed his forehead. An explosion went off where I came from with the girls and Harry.

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