Immune Runaway

Second book to Zombie Apocalypse!!

Nina, Harry, Justin, and Selena get torn from Niall. They risk their lives to try and find/rescue him. Selena has to tell Justin about the baby. This is all too much to handle in a Zombie Apocalypse! But Nina soon finds out....


2. Training

I kicked down a brick wall. It shattered with my strong impact. I looked over at Justin and Harry. They were beginning to put up a fence over our new safe house. We hope that the fence will hold. Since we are gonna put wood up on the inside of the fence so the zombies won't see us. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, we're smart. I smiled to myself and turned my attention back to the pile of old bricks. I kicked it like it was a piece of shit. But in my vision it is. "Nina?" I heard Selena call my name from behind me. "Yeah?" I asked without turning around. "Can I see your wound?" Yeah I totally forgot about that. It's been a few days and I have changed. They suggested that I'm just like Niall; immune. I honestly don't believe that. But it's whatever, at least I'm still alive right? That's all that counts. "Harry!" I cupped my hands over my mouth to make me louder. He looked up at me. "Throw me a water?" He nodded and tossed me a water bottle. Selena took off my sweater. Leaving me in just my sports bra. "It looks like it's getting better. Ima put some cream on it." She dabbed my shoulder in ointment. We took all the medicine at the pharmacy. The ointment began burning me; like it usually does. I can't complain because it helps me. "Okay. You're good." She placed a new patched on my wound. "Thanks." I chugged my water and put on my boxing gloves. Harry and Justin finished the fence and wood. "Nice." I high-five both of them with a smile. Harry threw on some boxing gloves as well. "Alright." I smiled and tightened my ponytail. Harry fist flew by my face In a blur. Holy shit. I was so not expecting that. "You're getting better." I smirked and attacked him. I threw a couple punches at him, bent his arm backwards, and shoved his face into the cement. "Time! Time!" He slapped the floor with his free hand. "Victory once again." I helped him up. The clouds turned dark and roared at us. I quickly ran Inside with Harry right behind me. Selena passed out servings of chili. "Yum! Thanks!" I shoved a spoon full into my mouth before I could sit down. The working out is bringing up my appetite.

After dinner I hit the showers. Selena came in and took the shower next to me. "Have you told him yet?" I asked as I finished shaving my legs. She shook her head no. "Why? He obviously can't go anywhere." I giggled at the last part. "What if he wants to kill my baby?" She started to cry. "He won't. If he even tries I'll kill him myself." I finished up in the shower and left.

Later that night I kept staring at the stars; unable to fall asleep. But eventually I fell asleep thinking about Niall...

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