Immune Runaway

Second book to Zombie Apocalypse!!

Nina, Harry, Justin, and Selena get torn from Niall. They risk their lives to try and find/rescue him. Selena has to tell Justin about the baby. This is all too much to handle in a Zombie Apocalypse! But Nina soon finds out....


1. Seperated.

"Z-zombie..." I looked away. He stared at me in awe. My arm felt hot. "Give me something to wrap around it." I gently whispered. He obeyed and threw me a cloth. I quickly tied a knot in the middle of the cut. Blood squirt inbetween my fingers. I don't want to die. I want Niall. Wait, what the hell am I thinking. Niall is just a boy! But I have incredible feelings for him. Ugh I'm so confused! My emotions are bipolar! I sat down and began thinking. Selena sat with her arms around me; telling me that it'll be okay. I just hope to god they'll kill me as soon as I turn. I don't want my body walking around without a soul. That's just fucking weird ass hell. I sighed and felt the boat come to a stop. "ALRIGHT! Get off!!!" A tall buff man threw us off and onto a bridge. "Have fun." He saluted us. "No! Where's Niall?" I punched the man in the face. His head flew back with the impact. Harry grabbed my waist; holding me back. I tried to fight against him. "Niall!" I yelled as they rode away. No! Come back! I dropped to my knees with tears drowning my face. "He's gone." Harry put a hand on my shoulder. I lit up. "No... No he isn't. I am going to get him back and no one, I repeat no one, is going to stop me." I grabbed my backpack and began walking. "Where are you going?!" Selena jogged after me. "To get ready." I smirked. I wiped away the tears. Bitches get ready I'm coming after you.

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