Immune Runaway

Second book to Zombie Apocalypse!!

Nina, Harry, Justin, and Selena get torn from Niall. They risk their lives to try and find/rescue him. Selena has to tell Justin about the baby. This is all too much to handle in a Zombie Apocalypse! But Nina soon finds out....


9. Mother, May I?

"Mother." My whole body stiffened at the sight of her. I could feel Niall go uneasy. My mother simply just smiled at me and gestured her hand to a seat. But I didn't take the seat. I sat there and stared at her. "We need to leave, Niall. Now." I turned around and attempted to walk out the door but one of the guards wouldn't let me pass. "Please stay, even if it's just for a little while." The guard pushed me back into the room. Niall took his seat but I kept standing. "Who's your friend, Ninatta?" She pronounced my full name like it was an honor. "He's none of your concern." You could hear the hate in my voice. "I'm Niall." He stood up and offered his hand. She took it with a sour face. "So. Bitch mom became leader. I'm Surprise. I mean. After all you did abandon your own child." I smirked as I could feel the uneasiness grow in the room. The guards shifted their feet. "I could explain that." She coughed and took a sip of water. Her desk was the color black like her soul. The windows were kept shut and blinds covered them. Only one lamp was on in the room. "Oh please do. I've been dying to hear this story." I laughed at my sarcasm. "Ninatta, you -" she started. "STOP CALLING ME THAT!" I slammed my hand on the desk and the guards moved a step closer. "You. Mother. You should be dead. Long gone. You are nothing. You do not exist to me. My name is Nina. Call me by it or don't call me at all." I turned around to leave but the guard moved in my way. I punched him in the gut without blinking an eye. He bent over in pain. "You should leave while you have the chance." I whispered in his ear and than punched him in the face. "Niall." I said over my shoulder. He shot out of his chair and was my by side in seconds.

"Your mother is the big boss???" Harry practically yelled. I nodded as I got all my things together. "We can't leave, Nina!" Gemma cried. "Than you can stay here." I was about to walk out the door when Niall stopped me. "Nina, this place. It's safe." I spun around at his words. "This place is run by the hands of evil!" I turned back around and opened the door. Five pairs of hands grabbed me and put a bag over my head. "NINA!" Niall and Harry shouted as I felt myself being dragged away. I could hear them fighting people and it sounded like they were losing.

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