Immune Runaway

Second book to Zombie Apocalypse!!

Nina, Harry, Justin, and Selena get torn from Niall. They risk their lives to try and find/rescue him. Selena has to tell Justin about the baby. This is all too much to handle in a Zombie Apocalypse! But Nina soon finds out....


3. Justin gets Updated

"I can't believe this." I whispered to myself. The food is all gone. The animals got into it. "This is bullshit!" I yelled as I flipped a barrel over. "Nina. Calm down. We'll get more." Harry put his hands up. I jumped and backed away. He startled the living shit out of me. "Fine." I walked out of the shed and into our "home". The room felt heavy as the sun screamed at my back. Why does the world have to be like this? Good god! My boots made a loud "thump" when I kicked the off. "YOU'RE WHAT?!" We heard Justin yell in the other room. Selena probably told him. Her baby bump is really noticable lately. "I'm pregnant. And I'm keeping the baby." Selena decided to add. Oh hell. I quickly ran into the room and stepping infront of Selena; Protecting her. "To the fuck you aren't!" Justin pushed past me. Oh hell no. I twisted his arm and bent his elbow back till I heard a crack. "Touch her and I'll put a bullet in your zombie head." His eyes widened at my words. He struggled out of my grip. "Fuck you." He stood up and walked out without looking back. "Well.... That was fun!" I smiled with blood on my hands.

The past few days Justin didn't even knowledge Selena. What a good damn pussy. I wiped my gun clean. "Justin." I said without looking up. He hesitated but walked to my side. "What." He looked at the ground. "Stop being a little bitch, grow some balls, and help your Girlfriend through the pregnancy." I clocked my gun in his face. He obeyed and quickly ran over to Selena's side. I glanced over my shoulder at Harry. He's alone by the fire. Just staring at it. To be honest it's been forever since I felt his touch. I still remember the make out season on this bed to get my phone... I miss his touch.... I stood up and wiped my hands on my pants. Yes very lady like. But I'm just wearing ripped skinny jeans and a black belly shirt and some white converse. "Hey Hazza." I smiled as I sat down next to him. I could feel his body heat next to me. He bit his bottom lip and looked sadly at the ground. "I miss Niall. Fuck, I miss the boys. I miss my mum. I miss everyone!" He threw his face into his hands. The poor guy... "My birthday is today. My eighteenth birthday. What a day, huh?" He struggled to keep back the tears. "Happy Birthday Harry. And by the way... I miss everyone so so so much to. But we can get through this. Together.." I placed my hand on his cheek. He looked up at me with watery eyes. He leaned into my hand and kissed my palm. It made the butterflies in my tummy go hey-wire. He kissed every tip of my fingers and turned towards me. "Nina..." He whispered just before he lunged into a kiss. His lips got tangled with mine. I've missed this... My fingers automatically began running through his hair. It was soft kisses at first but it turned into rough-breathtaking kisses. "Harry." I moaned as his kisses traveled down my neck and stopped at the tip of my v-neck shirt. He picked me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. He walked inside and went straight for his bedroom. I dropped down and pulled off my shirt. The cold air hit my skin like a slap. But it felt good after a while. Harry looked me up and down as if he wanted more. I wanted more. This time I lunged in for the kiss. I pulled his shirt off in mid kiss. I felt him push me down onto the bed as his erection grew. I left nail marks on his back. Everything froze. "Harry... Stop. This isn't right... I.... I love Niall. I'm sorry." I pushed him off with all my strength and ran out of his room and into mine without looking back. My lips still vibrating from the kisses...

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