Immune Runaway

Second book to Zombie Apocalypse!!

Nina, Harry, Justin, and Selena get torn from Niall. They risk their lives to try and find/rescue him. Selena has to tell Justin about the baby. This is all too much to handle in a Zombie Apocalypse! But Nina soon finds out....


5. Blow your Mind

I awoke to an empty bed. Selena was gone. "Nina!!!" I heard Harry yell for me. I ran to his side; shot gun in hand. The gates were down. I pushed Harry inside and told him to get to the roof. "SELENA!" I screamed out for her but never got an answer. My knees began to shake at the thought of her being dead. "Nina get your ass up here!" Harry yelled for me from the roof. I quickly took one more look at the crowd of zombies and ran inside. I barricaded the door, climbed up into the attack, threw the ladder away, and went up onto the roof. "Any sight of her?" I asked I shut the little window. "None." Harry shook his head. Well it's just us two now. I heard a scream and my head snapped into that direction. My eyes connected with Selena fighting a bunch of zombies. "What is she doing?!" I PRACTICALLY broke my voice box from yelling so loud. I quickly loaded up my sniper and positioned it at Selena. "No. It's a waste of bullets. She's dead already." Harry took my sniper away. As much as I hate to admit it... He's right. I simply nodded. I won't be able to watch her die so I got up and put my back to her. Everyone I try to save ends up dieing. But Harry has been here since the start of this and he hasn't left or died yet. It's weird. He listens to every word I tell him. I scrolled through my phone and saw Niall's number. "Wait... Harry..." I began as it finally hit me. Niall still has his phone. Well god I hope he still does. It's worth a shot right? I jumped up with a huge smile on my face; blocking out the bloody screams. "What?" He sat up straight and gave me a funny look. "NIALL WE CAN CALL OR TEXT NIALL!!" I jumped up and down with excitement. "It won't work." He began with a sad look in his eyes. Horse shit! I rolled my eyes and quickly began calling Niall. It rang and rang and even I began loosing hope. But than a thought ran through my mind. Google Maps can lead me to him! I quickly got the directions to where he is. He was about a good four cities away. Just FOUR!!! I jumped into Harry's arms. I'm extremely excited. A huge smile was painted onto my face. I think that I might become the joker. With that creepy smile and stuff! I gathered my weapons and looked for a way down. There was a little gap in-between the two houses. Small enough that was could jump. Harry took the first leap. He landed swiftly on his feet. A little of balance but he made it just fine. I hope that this journey is worth it. That he'll be there. I sucked in a sharp breath and took my leap of faith. I was never a good jumper. I landed on the edge, unbalanced. My foot slipped and I felt myself go down. "Harry!" I cried out just before he dropped down and grabbed my arm. Zombies were clawing at my legs trying to eat me. I kicked them away with a grunt. "Harry, pull me up!" I tried walking on the wall but that just made me slip even move. Harry tried to drag me up enough for me to grab ahold of something but a zombie pulled me down. "You're not dieing!!" Harry cried out as a bunch of zombies attacked me. "Harry!!" I screamed as a zombie bit me on my ankle. "I love you NINA." Those were the last words I heard from Harry. I was dragged out from his grip. I dropped to the cement with a bone crashing noise. Like, ow. My ankle began throbbing as I hopped away. My ankle squirted out blood as I put my weight down on it. Let me tell you it hurts like a bitch. I loaded my two pistols and shot every zombie who came remotely close to me. I found an empty closest in the house next to me. All I saw was black before I past out from the loss of blood.

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