Harry is in love with Mayah. But there's one problem- she couldn't despise his arrogant manner more. Will Harry's pestering and perusing pay off? Or will he continue to be let down?


2. Follower

After the first day of school was over, Harry was walking home when he noticed a familiar figure walking down the road. 'Surely a short detour home won't be too much of a problem.' Harry thought.

'Hey babe, changed your mind yet?'

Mayah turned her head only to be disappointed on who was walking behind her.

'Seriously Styles?'

'Serious babe.'

'Ugh. Piss off.'

'Still feisty. Clearly you were born with that.'

'Goodbye Styles.' Mayah says walking off quicker.

'We have a science project to do together.'

'You have actually got to be fucking kidding me.' Mayah turns on her heel and glares at Harry.

'Not a joke babe.' Harry says winking.

'Fuck you.'

'You walked out of class babe. Any reason for that?' Harry smirks.

'Yeah, actually there was. Some arrogant asshole was pissing me off. And oh my god, he's still fucking here! ' Mayah says sarcastically, still glaring at Harry.

'Is it weird that your anger is kinda turning me on?' A still smirking Harry replies.

'Ugh.' Mayah walks up a driveway and unlocks a door, shooting a dirty look at Harry as she slams the door shut.

A black range rover drives up next to Harry and he hops in.

'Any luck?' Harry's friend Zayn asked him.

'She'll come around. Just pick me up at 6.' Harry said looking out the window at her house.

'Why? Where Are we going?' A confused Zayn queries.

'You are dropping me back off here. We have science to do.' Harry says turning his head towards Zayn.

'More like you're trying to teach her chemistry.' Zayn says with a laugh.

'Yeah and I'm experienced in the field so there's no way she won't pick it up quickly.' Harry replies, also laughing.

'You're crazy mate.'

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