Thoughts of a Dead Girl

Hi I'm a 16 year old girl, and I don't care about looks or how I act or even what I say or do because of one good reason...
I'm dead.
Yeah I know what your thinking. "Why would you do that? Your so young! You had your whole life ahead of you and you threw it all away!"
But my life was a hell to me and to properly explain what was going though my head I'm going to show you some of my thoughts.
So here's a dead girls thoughts.

*This book mentions cutting and suicide*


3. I'll get out the way

I'm not saying I want to be dead because there were so many things I didn't do like go to Africa and help a family out of poverty. But on the other hand I was just a waste of space and getting in the way of everyone and their happiness. It's like no matter how hard I tried, I was still in the way. So I decided to do the thing so many people told me to do.

I'm happy with my choice. Sure my friends and family were shocked at first but they will be better off without me. I was just getting in their way. 

Also if you were wondering, no there was no boy to come in at the last second and snap his fingers and fix everything because that could never happen. That only happens in fan-fictions and news flash, fan-fictions aren't real.

So I got out of the way, the best way I know how, and die.


*I'm here to help*

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