Thoughts of a Dead Girl

Hi I'm a 16 year old girl, and I don't care about looks or how I act or even what I say or do because of one good reason...
I'm dead.
Yeah I know what your thinking. "Why would you do that? Your so young! You had your whole life ahead of you and you threw it all away!"
But my life was a hell to me and to properly explain what was going though my head I'm going to show you some of my thoughts.
So here's a dead girls thoughts.

*This book mentions cutting and suicide*


4. Friends

Friends were one of the only reasons that made me think twice before I died. I know my friends loved me and they would be sad but it's for the best, they will be a lot happier without me in the way.

I only have five friends and they will be better off without me, they have each other. I'm just making them happy in the long term. Sure they will be sad for a day or two but then they will get over me and get on with their lives and be happy.

When my friends are happy, I am happy and when they were hurt of sad I thought it was my fault somehow. So I had to try and fix it no matter what the cost was. I have their backs and they had mine.


Now that I'm dead I still have their backs and I can watch over them and guide them.



*I'm here to help*

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