Last days

Ali (sort for Alexandria) is moving away from her home town and away from her love but in a way they find a way to get back together


1. goodbye

Last days will be with him today, Before this I couldn't imagine what it would be like without him now my heart is been split in two and he has left and I will miss him very very much.

"Hi well I shouldn't say that cause you're leaving" I said in a sorrowful voice.

"Why shouldn't you say that" zayn asked with a confused look.

"Well it's that I'm moving" my heart sank when I said that

"When! Why,will I get to see you?" Zayn said

"The thing is I don't really know zayn I love you and I.... I always will" at that moment I sank to the ground and started to cry

"Babe why are you crying" zayn said

"It's just I don't know how often I will get to see u and just even talk to you, you know how my mom is babe....." I said

"Ali just ... It'll be okay I promise!" Zayn said with a reassuring smile.

"Okay I'll see you after school" I said.

After my last class I when to go see zayn at the park to tell him I have to move tomorrow. I didn't want to make it so sudden but I have to now I have no choice.

As I was walking I got a text from my best friend Tara. I was so happy to get to talk to her I am going to move where she is. She was exited that I was moving to where she was. I guess I was walking fast cause before I knew it I was at the park.

"Hi zayn" I said sadly

"Hey, you sound sad what's wrong"zayn asked

"Well you know how I said I was moving .... I have to leave tomorrow" I said looking down at my pitch black convers

"Are you leaving tonight?" Zayn yelled

"Yeah I'm afraid we are already packed and everything" I said still looking at my convers

"Do you have to go home now?" Zayn said surprised

"Yeah I'll text you when I get home, I.... Love you babe" I said with an unsure fake smile

"Goodbye" zayn said

I didn't want him to see the tears rolling down my face so I turned quickly and ran home

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