Not just a crush.

When Emma moves to London with her mom she will experience feelings she has never felt before, that is toward a person. What will happen when she falls in love with one of the members of the biggest boy band on the planet, One Direction's one and only... Harry Styles.


3. Settling in

(Emma's POV)

We finally arrived at our house, it was huge but the neighbors house was bigger. When we first walked in I saw all of our furniture and the beige walls and hardwood floors. There was a huge  crystal chandileir in the foyer and two spiral stairs leading up to the first floor. This house was a dream, a huge wonderful dream. "You like it?" my mom asked hanging her coat up. "No, I love it! Espeacially the up stairs!" I said walking around and looking at the living room, the kitchen, the pantry, the bathroom, and the..... no way... the huge pool in the backyard, I was speechless. My mom came behind me and put her hand on my shoulder. "I'm glad you like the upstairs honey because it's all yours!" She said smiling. I looked at her with my mouth hanging open, "NO WAY!" I practiclly screamed. "Yes way, go check it out" my mom said with a smile on her face but I was already half way up the stairs. The walls were my favorite color, sea-foam, the carpet was white and this was just the.... lobby... lounge.. yeah ok, we will go with lounge. I opened the huge double doors to reveal a huge bedroom with all my stuff organized perfectly. All my PBteen furniture, right where I wanted it. The walls were a shade lighter then the lounge. I went out my room to another door. I love exploring. It was an office, with my giant desk and my Mac desktop, these walls were a shade lighter than my room kind of like the upstairs was ombre. I walked out of the office and walked over to another set of double doors..... I wanted to scream, a huge walk-in closet with a ton of shelves and drawers, and an envelope on the little table in the center. I studied it. It read, "To Emma" I opened it and I was about to fall to floor crying, from joy. There was a visa gift card in it. "This is for some fancy clothes like dresses and high heels and diamond jewlery. You are going to want clothes like this because of your mom's new job you will going to special occasions and V.I.P parties. There is 10,000 pounds on this card, have fun shopping. ~your mom's boss- Mr. Collins" the little card read in the envelope. I left the giant closet, I was too lazy to unpack right now. "Mom, I love it here!" I yelled heading for another door, my bathroom. It was huge, there a lighted mirror, a bath and a shower, a huge sink, the floors were white tile, and the walls were a shade lighter than my closet. "I'm glad honey! Now will you please come down here to meet the neighbors, there is a girl your age!" my mom said "Coming" I grabbed my iPhone and ran down the stairs.

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