Not just a crush.

When Emma moves to London with her mom she will experience feelings she has never felt before, that is toward a person. What will happen when she falls in love with one of the members of the biggest boy band on the planet, One Direction's one and only... Harry Styles.


5. Nandos

(Emma's POV)

I took a quick shower and let my blonde hair droop down to my shoulders and decided to curl it which took a while because my hair is extremely thick but it was worth it. I put on a black dress, black heels, some mascara and pink lipgloss. I walked down the stairs and into my moms room where she was unpacking some clothes and stuff. "Hey mom I'm going to Nandos with Hannah for dinner." "Ok sweetie, have fun, me and Lisa are going to that salad place." "Have fun eating healthy, can I borrow the car?" I asked "Yes, please be careful it's almost dark." She said handing me the keys. "I will." I said going to get my converse on. "See you later, be back before 12!" My mom shouted. "K!" I said closing the front door behind me. I unlocked the door to the car and got in on the left side. Man this is going to be difficult I thought as I backed up. It turns out it really was easier. I pulled in Hannah's driveway and honked the car horn and Hannah came out the front door wearing the same exact outfit as me! She got in the passenger seat and looked me "I love your outfit!" She said trying not to giggle "Yours too, it's stunning!" I said laughing "Were twinsies!" Hannah said. "Totally" I said pulling out of the driveway. We put on Katy Perry~ This is how we do, and sang the whole way there, Nandos was like 5 minutes away so it wasn't a long car ride. "Let's do this!" I said as I got out of the car with Hannah. We walked in and took a seat at a table for 4 because the place was crowded. "There is so much food, I can't decide what to get!" Hannah said scanning the menu "and why'd we dress so fancy?" She asked looking at her dress and twirling her hair. I really didn't know, "ummm... I don't know, to go to a club after dinner!" I said joking but apparently Hannah didn't take it as a joke, "Great idea there is one right across the street it's one of those 21 and under clubs!" She said excitedly. "Ok, I haven't been to a club before but sounds like fun!" I said with a fake smile on my face, I was nervous. The waitress came to our table. "What can I get you two ladies today?" The waitress asked in a British accent. "I will have water and the cheeseburger with chips." "Ok and for you?" She asked looking at Hannah. "I'll have chicken tenders, chips, onion rings, mashed potatoes, another order of chicken tenders, a regular potato, and a diet soda, I'm trying to watch my figure." I put my hand over my mouth trying so hard not to laugh about the whole figure thing Hannah just said. "Ok, that will be out soon." The waitress said leaving. "Are you really going to eat all that food?" I asked. She looked at me with a serious expression glued on her face "Don't. Joke. About. My. Food." She said still serious. "Ok ok, sorry!" I said looking at my phone checking the time it was 7:45pm "Emma!" Hannah whispered "What?" "See those 5 boys over there!" She said pointing "Yeah, there pretty cute!" I said staring. "Dibs on blondie." Hannah said staring. "Dibs on curly." I said doing the time. The food came and Hannah finished her buffet before I was even done. I payed the bill and we left and got in the car. "Ready to go clubbing?" I asked Hannah. "Of course!" She said overly excited. "Ok let's go, I said as I backed the car up and drove into the parking lot for the club.

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