Not just a crush.

When Emma moves to London with her mom she will experience feelings she has never felt before, that is toward a person. What will happen when she falls in love with one of the members of the biggest boy band on the planet, One Direction's one and only... Harry Styles.


7. Meeting the boys

 (Emma's POV)

I woke up to my phone beeping from a text, guess who?

From: Harry <3-  Wanna hang out today love?

From: Me- Sure I'd love to! :D

From: Harry <3- Yeah! Bring Hannah (Niall wants to see her (; )

From: Me- Of course, where do you want to meet?

From: Harry <3- What about my place?

From: Me- Address?

From: Harry<3- (fake address that I can't think of so yeah, just pretend!)

From: Me-

K, see you in about an hour

From: Harry <3: Great, see you soon  

From: Me-  U2

I felt butterflies in my stomach just from the texts. I threw a pillow at Hannah and yelled at her to wake up because she had somewhat of a double date with Niall. "I'm up!" she said rubbing her eyes."Go take a shower, put some makeup on, do your hair, and get prettified for Niall. Hannah got out of bed and trudged toward the bathroom. "Just hurry up, I have to take one too." I yelled across my room. It's funny how me and Hannah just met and we clicked instantly. I picked out my outfit which was a gray crop top, jean shorts, and bright pink converse. After Hannah got out of the shower I took a quick shower and got out so I could blow dry my thick hair which took forever. I applied some makeup which didn't take long because I didn't put a lot on. I threw my hair up in a messy bun and Hannah pulled out her curler from her gigantic bag of stuff that she brought. She curled her hair in like 10 minutes. We grabbed our phones and purses, checked our hair, makeup and clothes, headed downstairs and out the door. I got in the car and put the address in my phone. We arrived at this huge mansion and we had to call to boys so they could let us in the gate. We drove down the long driveway to see a huge pool, "Good thing I brought my swimsuit." Hannah said as she grabbed a beach bag out of the trunk. "I didn't." I said sulking. "I got you covered!" Hannah said pulling out my chevron bikini and white cover up. "Thank you so much Han!" I said giving her a hug. "No prob T." She said releasing from my hug. We walked up to the front door and rung the door bell which had a catchy tune to it. Harry opened the door and gave me a hug, "I got to talk to you later." "Ok." I said blushing. "Come on in, welcome to our... umm.. crazy flat." he said. "Thanks." I said. "Forget about me." Hannah said opening her arms stepping out from behind me. "Of course not." Harry said as he gave Hannah a hug. He gave me the cheekiest smile and I mentally face palmed because I could tell I was blushing a lot, he was so cute. We walked through the house with Harry as our 'tour guide'. We all walked out to the backyard where there was this giant pool, 2 hot tubs, a ton of lounge chairs, and just everything you could imagine for a perfect backyard pool. "This is Louis and Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie, Liam and Sophia (we will just pretend they are dating FOR NOW), Niall and his potatoes, and I'm Harry. He said laughing. We walked around and said hello to everybody and I took a seat on the rim of the hot tub next to Harry and Hannah went to sit my Niall, all I saw with Hannah and Niall is Hannah reached over to get some food and Niall smacked her. We just hung out, went swimming, listened to music, and got to know each other. I was swimming with Eleanor and we were talking about where we got our swim suits when someone grabbed my stomach from behind and spun me around. It was Harry. "Hey love." he said with a cheeky smile, "Hey." I said blushing. "Do you and Hannah want to stay for dinner?" "Sure, was that the thing you were going to ask me earlier?" I said looking at my feet which were still in the water. "No, I'll ask you later." he said splashing me and diving into the water splashing me again. "I'll get you for that one Styles!" I yelled as he got out of the pool. All of the girls swam while the boys made hamburgers. We all finished around 9pm so Hannah and I gave each other a look that we should get going soon because I hate driving in complete darkness. Harry and I were both kind of staring at each other. He nodded for me to follow him so I got up and followed him inside where we both sat down on a huge couch. "What's up?" I asked. I really hoped this was going where I wanted it to. "Well I know I haven't known you for long but I really like you like a lot and I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?." He asked blushing and looking down at the ground. "I'd love to." I said smiling and I felt my cheeks turn bright red like Christmas lights. He leaned in and pecked me on my cheek then he grabbed my hand and we walked back out to the pool still holding hands. Everyone was 'awww'ing but I didn't see Hannah and Niall until they came out of the other door holding hands too. "So it's official, everyone in the band is taken!" Louis yelled pulling Eleanor close to him. We said goodbyes to all our new friends and boyfriends and soon enough we were at my house I just invited Han to stay the night again since it was already like 10:30 and she already had all her clothes and other useless stuff that she did not need. Our moms didn't care. I really did like Harry but I don't know if I can cope with his career but I was determined to make it work and I'm sure Han is too. 


a/n~ hey guys, so sorry I haven't updated in a while but I'm not going to make excuses, anyways I have a life so I'm not going to update everyday. 

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