Not just a crush.

When Emma moves to London with her mom she will experience feelings she has never felt before, that is toward a person. What will happen when she falls in love with one of the members of the biggest boy band on the planet, One Direction's one and only... Harry Styles.


2. Feelings

(Emma's POV)

In the car ride to our new house I was thinking about how life would be, just starting over in a new country. I let me mind take over me and just kind of zoned out. I was day dreaming about a guy actually liking me and me having a really hot boyfriend. Yeah right, I thought to myself, no one would even take the time to even know my name. I didn't have any friends or much family, my dad moved to Ireland when I was 8 and all the family I knew had passed away. I didn't talk to anyone in school, not that I was shy it's just no one ever looked at me, well why would they ? I have dark green eyes, blonde hair, and I wasn't the skinniest . I didn't cut or do drugs, I was good, I did what I was told and behaved all the time. Sometimes I wanted to change my image instead of a goody goody I wanted to break the rules, you know have fun for once, and just yolo it and my new goal for this summer is to do just that.

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